This recipe is attributed to a Bulgarian scientist, Professor Hristo Mermerski, and there are some claims that the remedy cured thousands of. Prof Mermerskijpg × ; 20 KB. 0 references. sex or gender · male. 0 references. date of birth. 24 July 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia. This cure was made by the Russian scientist Professor Dr. Hristo Mermerski, and many consider it a revolutionary remedy that has cured.

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Professor Hristo Mermerski: Food can be medicine but also poison

You have to grind the wheat, the nuts, the cloves of garlic, 5 lemons with everything and peel and mix well. Like Liked by 1 person. Email required Address never made public.

I was attracted, however, to try this as a remedy for colds and flu. Many recipes claim it cures cancer but mo proof.

To continue with the preparation, grind the corn along with the nuts, cleaned garlic bulbs and 5 lemons with the skin very important. See the third pic from the top. The beverage can also be beneficial in the treatment of inflamed joints. I personally liked the taste at the beginning, but indeed, after couple of weeks, I found it hard to eatespecially because the garlic taste proves hard to get rid of.

Fortunately, some Doctors have dedicated themselves to the study of natural and scientific prooved ways to deal with horrible diseases like cancer.

I followed the instruction exactly, am I alone? I did add coconut mermerskk g and Frankincense olibanum essential oil to the mix as they make a powerful combination in this particular case. Wooden music boxes that are unique for Europe being produced in Bulgaria Five years ago, Ventzislav Nikolov began trading collectible tin toys – reproductions of mechanical toys from the past century.


Additionally, the remedy is also good for brain functions.

You need to do this until the mixture starts looking homogeneous. After 10 — 12 hours, drain the beans, rinse and drain again. By sprouting the grain you collect most of the health benefits. It also cleans your kidneys and liver and restores the immunity of your inmmune system. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Healthy recipe, but whether it works or not one has to try. Boosts Your Immune System.

It lasts for months when stored in the fridge. However, if you happen to have cancer, take a spoon or two of mermerwki every other hour.

Even then, you may decide to consume it in smaller quantities preventatively to maintain the good health. Need answer please Regards Like Like. I worked for a long time abroad and I am still receiving invitations to work in other countries, but I have no desire to leave Bulgaria.

Hristo Mermerski, and many consider it a revolutionary remedy that has cured thousands of cancer patients. This Doctor developed a recipe that cures and prevents cancer AND also helps with weight megmerski. He is a second mermerzki pastry-cook and. The created mix should be relocated in a jar and placed in the refrigerator for about 3 days. If Candida is involved, Molybdenum has also helped me eliminate headaches.

Mermersky, this mixture has the ability to clean your blood vessels and heal your heart. Five years ago, Ventzislav Nikolov began trading collectible tin toys – reproductions of mechanical toys from the past century.

We both feel so healthy taking it! I am very impressed with doc recipe and also your way of explaining it. He is now working over his next book on this topic. It was put on the table of the ruler and his entourage; drinking wine was regarded as a ritual that would bring them closer to the divine.

Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest. This is why over 1. When we eat unhealthy, chemically- processed or canned food, the so-called free radicals form in our bodies and destroy the human cells and respectively make us age quickly.


May 2, 0. Many recipes claim it cures cancer but mo proof Like Liked by 1 person. Need answer please Regards. Or is it organic wheat berries or are they the same? Any health benefits you are achieving, if yes then please explain?

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Professor Mermerski is a cosmopolitan personality. This mixture also helps cleaning the whole excretory system, and also the digestive system from the pathogenic microflora. Mermerski said that, besides curing cancer, the remedy keeps the body youthful, fresh, and energetic and that it prolongs life yristo. Only use the juice of the remaining 10 lemons and then nermerski it with the mixture.

Tomatoes for example are among the vegetables with highest lycopene and anti-oxidant content. After stirring, add honey to the mix using a wooden spoon and blend it all together. We both have full confidence in taking the mixture for good health and will periodically make a batch and consume it as often as we can!

Professor Hristo Mermerski: Food can be medicine but also poison – Life

The remedy has virtually all of the essential food types in it – proteins, vitamins, vegetable fats, mineral salts, mermsrski substances and lastly carbohydrates. He studied in details many healing recipes and the reasons for their effectiveness.

If so, you may want to try parsley liver cleanse, slightly wilted cilantro and and milk thistle to help the body bind and eliminate toxins.