HP 6632B PDF

The HP B is a single channel W DC programmable power supply with GPIB and RS connectivity. It is part of the HP x series. Agilent B/B/B/B System DC Power. Supplies All references to HP-IB have been changed to GPIB. A note about. I just picked up two HP B power supplies as I read somewhere quickly that it not only can be programmed via GPIB to set voltage/current.

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Record this value andthe current reading on the front panel display.

Press the Prot Clear key to clear theprotection condition. Hope yours treats you well! Set the output 6632 to its full scale value see Table B C – Error Messages—Invalid suffix [unrecognized units, or units not appropriate]—Suffix not allowed—Invalid character data [bad character, or unrecognized]—Character data too long—Character data not allowed—String data error—Invalid string data [e.

This page works best with JavaScript. ProtIndicates that the output has been disabled by one of theprotection features. Thatterminal must be connected to earth ground through a power source equipped with a groundreceptacle. This thing is heavy!! Manual UpdatesThe following updates have been made to this manual since the November printingindicated on the Printing History page.

Theoutput dropped to zero, CV turned off, and Protturned on. Page 33 Turn-On Checkout – 4Procedure6. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Page 21 3InstallationInspectionDamageWhen you receive your dc source, inspect it for any obvious damage that may have occurredduring shipment. You can save up to 4 states from location 0 to location 3 in non-volatile memory and recall themfrom the front panel.


Page 50 A – SpecificationsSupplemental CharacteristicsTable A-2 lists the supplemental characteristics, which are not warranted but are descriptions oftypical performance determined either by design or type testing. External sense terminals are available on the back of the unit that allow the outputvoltages to be sensed at the load, compensating for impedance losses in the load wiring.

I used a similar Philips Power supply source before PEbut this thing is stuffed with only imprecise analog meters and is not comparable with this fine HP voltage supply, and one does have to use an additional precise voltage meter I do use a Fluke A Multimeter, a quite old, but freshly calibrated, still precise voltmeter.

Errornumbers are returned in two ways: One nice thing is that the current meter on it is fairly precise. Minimum clearances for bench operation are 1 inch 25 mm along the sides. Do not block the fanexhaust at the rear of the unit. Our goal is to provide you with a quick access to the content of the user manual for HP Hewlett-Packard B.

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Hewlett-Packard further certifies that its 6632h measurements are traceable to theUnited States National Bureau of Standards, to the extent allowed by the Bureau’s calibration facility, and tothe calibration facilities of other International Standards Organization members.


It also made me less worried that there were secret vermin in my apartment that were taking refuge in my bench.

Page 52 A – SpecificationsTable A A – SpecificationsTable A For your convenience If looking through the HP Hewlett-Packard B user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions: Page 56 B – Verification and Calibration5. 663b Choose a language for shopping.

Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Ltd. UnrThe output is unregulated. Page 31 4Turn-On CheckoutIntroductionSuccessful tests in this chapter provide a high degree of confidence that the dc source is operatingproperly. Not perfect, but not bad for an eBay bench supply! I have some old scopes with fans in them, and the b is typically quieter than most of them.

The following table lists the errors that are associated with SCPI syntax errors and interfaceproblems. I have two such supplies and they are really cool. All programmable settings are saved.

Agilent / HP B Watt DC System Power Supply 20v 5a | eBay

Used for measurement and control circuits designed to beoperated with one terminal at earth potential. B – Verification and Calibration5. Press Shift, Prot Clear9.