A useful guide on how to configure OpenFiler iSCSI Storage for use with VMware ESX & vSphere. After successful installation of openfiler in virtualbox from this link (How to install openfiler in Virtualbox), let us show you how to configure the. This document describes the process of installing Openfiler using the default graphical installation interface. If you experience any problems with the graphical .

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In the illustrated example, this disk is hda the first IDE hard disk. After you login for openfier first time change the administrator password for the virtual machine.

About Oepnfiler Install This screen informs you that installation configuration has been completed and the installer is awaiting your input to start the installation process which will format disks, copy data to the system and configure system parameters such as setting up the boot loader and adding system users.

Please note that it is one time configuration, and you don’t have to repeat every time you add a new ESXi Host, unless opnefiler space on Openfiler storage has been occupied or you are adding Host in new Subnet which is not configured. You will be able to see that disks here in Block Device section.

Enter Openfiler IP address here and leave default port as Click Close to proceed. Desired hostname – this is the name you will call the system. Thanks a loy Vladan. This How-to applies to: The next step is to click on the Next button to proceed with the installation. Thanks for the quick reply Vladan. Notify me of new posts by email. Hi, I beleive that for the Network aces configuration I only filled in the Configyre adress. One of the bests that I found so far. Open web browser and type https: Click on Create Sub-folder.


Installation Once you comfigure clicked Next in the preceding section, the installer will begin the installation process. The details are identical to what was entered for the boot partition except this time the Mount Ho As you will see later there is another default user name and password for that.

Using Openfiler is a great way to save some money on expensive SANs and for home lab testing configurs learning, this choice is just great. Once you have configured a network IP address, you may now enter a hostname for the system. How to Configure Openfiler: Click Next to start the Openfilr of Openfiler. There is no iSCSI adapter exist in host. The installation process is described with screenshots for illustrative purposes. Click on the New button.

How To Configure OpenFiler iSCSI Storage | Unixmen

Your disk partition scheme should resemble the following:. In the unlikely event that you will be using DHCP to configure the network address, you can simply click Next and proceed to the next stage of the installation process. Now let’s move to configuration part of File-level storage being openfiiler by Openfiler. Click Next to proceed. Now you can use these disks to allocate datastores in ESXi hosts as shared storage. To simplify this, I have segregated it in 5 layers starting from bottom to top as shown in below table.

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This folder you have just created will now become the share.

The first task to perform is to enable the services you want to be using. Provide the Hostname for access.

How to configure OpenFiler iSCSI Storage for use with VMware ESX. | ESX Virtualization

Refer to below section ” Create a Partition “. That blogpost was a step-by-step […]. If you are unable to proceed at any point with the installation process or you make a mistake, use the Back button to return openfjler previous points in the installation process.

You can specify the partitions here. To install it in Graphical Mode press Enter or you can also install it using text mode by second option.

In below example, we have created three datastores. To configure iSCSI we need another volume in a volume group. Earlier you created Physical Volumes using disks. Keyboard Selection This screen deals with keyboard layout selection.

VMware Workstation and other IT tutorials. On the disk setup screen, if you have any existing partitions on the system, please delete them.

How to configure Openfiler iSCSI Storage for VMware ESX ?

Leave this field empty. Proceed by creating a swap partition. As you can see in the image below it requires a username and a password. To login to the Openfiler web based management interface you use the following credentials: The default hostname localhost.