”˜How Much Protein’ by Brad Pilon Book Review. Category: Nutrition. One of the questions I get asked regularly is which books I recommend. I usually answer. Dec 2, by Brad Pilon and in this book he shows scientific evidence that your average person only needs up to grams of protein in order to build a. Edited to add: the reason I posted this in this group section was because of the author Brad Pilon. I have made an assumption that people trust.

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They spare your muscle from being used as a fuel because you have a fuel source. In fact, Pilno recommend eating high amounts of protein at certain times, and for certain people…. So do you have a set body fat percentage you think someone should get down to before they start trying to get bigger?

I believe they stopped doing it because now everybody is shredded and have abs like. It also preserves the glucose coming out of your liver glycogen for any area of your body that prefers to use glucose or because you all of a sudden ran up a flight of stairs or something. I get maximally stimulated just talking to you, by the way.

What about carbs around training or even during training? Most of that was muscle. I see you posting your little pics there on Instagram with your long hair. When you go through the research, you come up with some interesting things.

Everybody is different and what may work for one person may be detrimental to the next. Food Choices for Begineers. And as of early May – there were 6, posts in that 1 thread pklon I thought he made some silly arguments about creatine being more important because it increased LBM which most likely was water from what I know. So if you’re that kind of person you probably won’t believe a word I’m saying.


Carbs too close to the activity. Oh, there are zero benefits. Pick out food choices solely on the fact that they have a minimum of 30g protein per meal?

Just read “How Much Protein?” by Brad Pilon – Forums

And your preferred way of doing it is what? I’m not kidding, there is NO person on Earth qualified to give you the information you’ll get in this book. Then at the same time, there is still the massive flux that happens in your body because your body is incredibly dynamic.

The group who were just working out no steroids didn’t do too bad either, packing on almost 4. Obviously I was confused and a little embarrassed. PTing and especially strength coaching isnt nrad the minimal money.


Do you spend hours of your life each week cooking food and putting it in plastic containers, carrying it around with you so you could make sure you have protein every 3 hours? Do you place any emphasis on timing of protein, especially around training? I’ll tell you why this is most likely happening on page 26 Eating 10x more protein doesn’t equate into 10x more muscle How you can actually burn LESS fat and carbohydrates by increasing your daily protein I PROVE this fact with scientific research on page 29 How to prove whether or not eating extra protein helps build more muscle by doing a “dose response” page But, I still think the protein recommended for LG is too hi, I stick to the.


But the important point I want to get across to you is that the relatively normal protein intake of grams per day did not hinder the steroids muscle building effects. How retarded it sounds: That mucu that the timed one, the 25 grams is better, significantly better.

One of the most well-known supplement companies in the world funded this study – which PROVES they’re lying to you in their advertising! Let me give you an example: That you NEED protein after your workout. From everything I’ve protwin at and been taught, the ranges of protein intake you mention are about as intense as you need to go for protein consumption.

Does it matter when or how often you eat? You would show up at a research lab around 10 PM, prrotein you would go to sleep no eating. Still, even after this research and studies no reccomendation reaches even 1. Brad should know better than this. Do you pay much attention to that in terms of recommending if someone should go higher or lower carb or higher and lower fat, where they store their body fat?

I liked it better when people were impressed by a two-pack ab, right? How to gain 4.