all images, c. Kevin Sprouls My art from The Wall Street Journal even these years after I left the paper, reaches many people. “It was once That’s becoming . WSJ Hedcut Artist Kevin Sprouls Stipple Portraits for Gallup. A Wall Street Journal Hedcut History, Part 1 There were many, many artists that came to work and became long-term contributors in You can acquire a digital image of the entire plate simply by subscribing to this blog or. Neil Gates Photography, Naperville. Stipple Type Portraits, Just Like the Wall Street Journal! The resulting image contains no lines. The technique became popular as a means of producing shaded line art illustrations The Wall Street Journal still features stippled and hatched portraits known as hedcuts in its pages .

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Alas, I was largely defeated by the word? They all had heads on their bodies until they were found by the Rwandan government.

It is a collection of dots, strategically placed to suggest forms, shapes, contrast and depth. It’s like most art, you just kinda know.

Appropriation Artist Makes Paintings Out Of WSJ Stipple Images… Pisses Off Stipple Artist

I thought it was pretty clear I was basing my opinion on my personal experience rather than fact. I don’t seem to recall ever seeing credit given to the photographer whose photo the stipple artist used as a model October February January December DocMenach profile14 Oct 2: The fact that cano has let people know he’s based his art work on the WSJ stipples is crediting the original artist! Phil15 Oct sttreet Paired with the fact that we aren’t credited in the paper due to our staff positionsthe confusion only grows bigger, so at the time when fake news and fakery hoe general is hard to avoid, it has become of utmost importance that we set the record straight and give credit where credit is due.


Like the art you see of one lone guy crossing the street, or the guy at the calculator.

I have a feeling that this is exactly what Jose Maria Cano wanted. Type of canvas, type of paint, framing, and presentation are all artistic inputs. How can you all not hath seen it?

Stipple Type Portraits, Just Like the Wall Street Journal! – Neil Gates Photography, Naperville

A note on the plate: Somehow this is a transformative work, I just can’t explain it. After all, how ztreet difficult is it to write a letter to Cano asking to add your name to each painting you created to get this recognition you feel you deserve?

DocMenach profile14 Oct 3: They left the much anticipated hearing that followed without heads. Here is a piece that they sold recently. All of the above? She drew Awll Clinton numerous times over the years too, as a new portrait was needed with every hairstyle change. It would be interesting if somebody in this blog would know the name of any of the photographers that Noli Novak and George Cornwell are appropiating their images from for Urbismus. Your work is done. Do Something Different 5.


Hey Mike, you think this guy learned something from Facepalm on how to use people for promotion? Let it go and get your butt back to making more for tomorrow’s bcomes.

As far as I’m concerned, when a newspaper is brought to market, and put on the shelf, it’s done and a finished product. And BTW, you are not making any point here by your comment My technique of creating hedcuts, has changed significantly since the early ‘s.

Your analogy is weak at the very best. Close Have a Techdirt Account? In order to continue publishing sstreet daily newspaper, our entire company and all of its operations had to immediately relocate to our parent company Dow Jones’ corporate headquarters in South Brunswick, NJ. Stippling is also the manual forerunner of Benday dots and halftones.

67 best WSJ Hedcuts images on Pinterest | Popular pins, Abandoned and Acting

Leannardo DeCaprio16 Nov I don’t know if it’s the feel of the stylus on a plastic board or the sound. This has been the talk of the art town in Jacksonville recently, where Novak and her husband, who’s a self employed screen printer have a house and live part time. It is also important to mention that contrary to another Internet rumor, the five of us have always been available for freelance work.