EBI R promotes real outcomes in real time and supports smarter buildings through the simple, seamless ‘Integration of Things’. Providing a unified view. Object Types Viewable and Modifiable from EBI. Product Description: Honeywell Enterprise Buildings IntegratorTM BACnet Workstation. Note: this product cannot Device Management – Manual Time. Synchronization-A. Honeywell has updated its building management system Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI), enabling facility personnel to view and enhance core building.

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Honeywell has updated its building management system Enterprise Buildings Integrator EBIenabling facility personnel to view and enhance core building technology with ease and precision.

The software now incorporates features common to consumer applications, such as drag-and-drop interaction, that make day-to-day tasks and training easier. EBI R helps improve efficiency and reduce energy and operational costs by simplifying set-up, scheduling and control. The product includes a simplified approach to facility-wide integration, comprehensive mobile access and a redesigned user interface designed to accelerate both routine and advanced tasks.

This provides a more comprehensive view of equipment and activity, helping boost productivity every day and deliver savings over the life of a building.


The system is compatible with many common web services to provide users with new ways to customise how building systems import and mine data, and synthesise the information into recommendations. It communicates with open protocols like BACNet, OPC and LonWorks, helping users integrate with third-party software and hardware and benefit from the scalability and flexibility that come with an interoperable architecture.

Facility managers can program and coordinate facility-wide systems – including HVAC, lighting, security and life safety – in minutes using the revamped automation engine and scheduling.

Honeywell EBI R430 building management system

Operators can now implement tablet-based connectivity, which provides access to all building information. The system gives users a manua point of access and consistent view of information and resources that enhance the ability to monitor, manage and protect a facility, campus or multisite operation.

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Honeywell EBI R building management system

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