TVET IN Ethiopia BY Aschalew Fikru Industry Ministry Sepytember, TABLE stages, it was the most neglected area in the history of Ethiopian education. Ethiopia a TVET system that supplies disciplined and quality workforce .. order to assemble odds and ends of TVET history. Having said this. Challenges for Ethiopian TVET. ▫ How to prepare youth for employment or self- employment in the formal or the informal economic sector?.

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In the study, assessment was conducted to identify major determinants of competence of trainees in COC assessment.

Significance of the study Since trainees spend more time at cooperative training and less time in the training institutions, more trainees can be accommodated without additional materials such as physical, financial or personal resources. Articles and commentaries that identify allAfrica.

A key purpose is preparation of youth for work. They are merged and simulated approaches. NTQF is based exclusively on training outcomes, which are defined based on occupational standards, which in turn reflect labour market needs. Inn 3 May In Tanzania the Disabled Persons Employment Act of established a quota system that stipulates that 2 per cent of the workforce in companies with over fifty hstory must be persons with disabilities.

And more than 8 hundred thousands should be at TVETs,” he noted.

TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) – Wikipedia

The second is providing histkry vocational training to workers [5][6]. In addition, labour demands projected beyond four years are most of the time inaccurate and could lead decision makers to the development of inappropriate TVET curricula. Luxembourg, Publications Office of the European Union. In addition, accident insurance for trainees and long training periods may make enterprise participation costly Ethiopiia, The sector could play vital role in realizing productive SMEs as well in addressing industry skilled human power demand.


However, this ideal is not being met in many countries of developing countries. It is like historj laboratory practice where students come together for several hours weekly to run factious business. In addition, there was an attempt to adopt best international practices to move towards competency based TVET system to replace the curriculum- centered approach and to establish an occupational assessment system open to graduates and candidates from all formal, non-formal or informal TVET schemes.

Time and cost for external recruitment as well as on the job training for new staff will be saved. This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic. Experience of other countries Developed world………………………………………. The provision of TVET program deserves a serious attention in order to link or integrate it with the world of work. Entrepreneurs are rthiopia in search histofy new challenges.

They are also sources of manpower for medium and higher institutions.

In view of this, TVET has to re-orient its agenda for action so as to continually provide scientific and technical skills in relevant and responsive programs, and consequentially develop a new generation of human resources Yoshida, To what extent are TVET institutions attached to industries and other sectors? In the same way, Maigida J. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Ethiopia: Revisiting Nation’s TVET Strategy Implementation –

Log In Sign Up. The persistent gender-typing of TVET requires concerted attention if TVET is to really serve a key facilitative role in shared growth, social equity and inclusive development. It is based on the premise that, as a shift occurs in labor market supply and demand, certain signs become evident to the observer and these signs can be used to understand the change underway. To meet this demand it is important to involve all stakeholders and requires creating awareness and doing away with the perception of considering TVET as a place of last resort.


It was contended that since education is considered as the key to effective development, technical and vocational education and training TVET must be the master key that can alleviate poverty, promote peace, conserve the environment, improve the quality of life for all and help achieve sustainable development.

TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training)

It should allow various teaching learning methods or approaches. Data Analysis Standard qualitative data analysis techniques were employed to organize, code, and analyze the data Miles and Huberman, In line with this perspective, much had been done in addressing gaps in supporting the SMEs as well creating favourable ways out to the industrial transformation. In other words, entrepreneurship is a creative hitory innovative response to the environment.

Continuing TVET involves ongoing training to upgrade existing skills and to develop new ones and has a much higher profile in hixtory societies and knowledge-based economies.

Qualification frameworks and outcome based standards provide the foundation for pathway system. A related role is continuing professional development. This function of TVET curriculum is the base of the best practices and strategies observed worldwide. Thus they should be given prior attention as they are important and serve for sustainable source of job opportunities to our country. The evidence we have provided from the Ethiopian case is also fresh.

Ethiopia: Revisiting Nation’s TVET Strategy Implementation

Washington, DC, World Bank. Entrepreneurs are highly tolerant of risk. From this point of view, it becomes evident that the responsive and effective TVET system should have labor market information Macdonald, et al,