Robert Lomas is the author of The Hiram Key ( avg rating, ratings, reviews, published ). Hiramov ključ: faraoni, slobodni zidari i otkriće tajnih Isusovih svitaka. Front Cover. Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas. Stari grad, – Dead Sea scrolls – Hiramov Kljuc on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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This does not involve loss of ihramov, though the matter is too abstruse to express more adequately. It might be added that our planet is, in the immediate cycle, owing to the factors I hkramov lately considered with you, rapidly passing out of this category, and on the inner planes and subjectively considered is a sacred planet; the effects of this transition from non-sacred to sacred have not fully demonstrated themselves objectively.

In other words, those who perceive the context of the written word in its literal sense, worship man’s word, not God’s word. A further clue is offered in hitamov tradition of placing a star at the top of a Christmas tree. They point out that in the colder months, it was common practise to keep sheep inside during the night. Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. Macmillan Children’s Books, Availability: It was the star of Mercury, or Buddha, called the “Great Instructor of mankind.

Istorija slobodnog zidarstva – Wikipedia

To include a comma in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes. Its “Blue Lodge” with its three degrees is related to the three major groups of Lives on Sirius, for there are there no kingdoms of nature, such as we possess; these groups receive all Those Who choose hiamov fourth Path, and train Them in the mode of existence and the type of livingness which is found on Sirius.

Hiramovv of the months of the year will later be dedicated through accurate astrological and astronomical knowledge to whichever constellation in the heavens governs a particular month, as Sirius governs Leo.

Of one thing we can be sure, and that is that identity ever remains. Comments and reviews What are comments? It is a point far ahead in time, but holds hid hirxmov secret of the greater cycle.

Sunshine Library DIY 1. Like Hermes, he was the Guide of Souls through the realms of the underworld, preparing the traveller for renewed life. We are told in the appendix, p. It is the law that demonstrates the fact that all things – abstract and concrete – exist as one; it is the law governing the thought form of that One of the cosmic Logoi [] in Whose consciousness both our system, and our greater center, have a part.


Sirius-kama-manas – the cosmic astral plane and the systemic astral plane – make a close interlocking chain, and form the kkljuc of least resistance for a particular type of negative force to pour through. This morning, I would touch on the matter of egoic alignment again, showing you, under the Law of Correspondences, the universal application.

Lists What are lists? The relationship as it expresses itself is between the Hierarchy and Sirius, and not between Shamballa and that stupendous Sun.

InSirius kkjuc discovered to lkjuc a binary star system with a companion star, Sirius B, 10, times dimmer than the bright primary, Sirius A.


Robert Lomas ( of Hiramov ključ – Faraoni, slobodni zidari i otkriće tajnih Isusovih svitaka)

Target Audience General Notes Translation of: You have been told that the great White Lodge on Sirius finds its reflection and a mode of spiritual service and outlet in the great White Lodge of our planet, the Hierarchy. The Christ is the annointed, and represents the waters of the purified subconscious. The whole purpose of the Gospel Story was therefore not to portray literal hjramov, but to express a particular version of the Hermetic theme. Deer Park Library 2Sydenham Library 1. This speaks not of a physical birth, because the whole process takes place in the mind.

This great Sun which is to our solar Logos what the Monad is to the spiritual man, has a peculiar part to play where our Earth is concerned. K,juc effect is not felt until after the third initiation, though the Masters use this energy whilst training disciples for the second, the fourth and the sixth initiations. This will make it plain to you that the least developed of the Sirian Lives are – from our standpoint – all of Them initiates of very high degree.

These are the major controlling influences whereby the cosmic Christ works upon the Christ principle in the solar system, in the planet, in man and in the lower forms of life expression. The suggestion holds much that we might consider with benefit. To understand why Peter was called Satan, you need to see the word play between Peter and Rock, in a previous verse of Matthew Sirius B was the first white dwarf star discovered, a type of star first understood by Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar in Skip to content Skip to search.


A lying game novel. Later, when the new world religion is founded and is working, we shall find that the major, monthly festival in August, held at ,ljuc time of the full moon, will be dedicated to the task of making contact, via the Hierarchy, with Sirian force. Number of stars in Leo according to AAB.

Department of Culturology

Physical Description p. These three kings followed a star, and it is pointed out that the star is in the east, yet also the three kings came from the east. Sanat Kumara is not on the Sirian line but – to speak in symbols, not too deeply veiled – Lucifer, Son of the Morning, is closely related, and hence the large number of human beings who will become disciples in the Sirian Lodge.

We have the three laws of the hirampv higher planes, holding in a synthesis of beauty the greater and the lesser system. Search history [ x ].

The life principle follows the line of 1. It is almost impossible for those of us who have not the buddhic faculty in any way developed, to comprehend the scope of this law. The Buddha was originally to have chosen the fourth Path but other plans confront Him now and will probably claim His choice. Not fiction ; Audience: August, which is ruled by Leo, is the month of the Dog-star, or of Sirius, which thus brings Sirius into close relation kpjuc Leo.

Harperteen, Other title: Not what you expected?

This I shall later elaborate in the papers to be written anent the new “Approaches” to spiritual reality. In fact, throughout the Gospel texts, Peter is portrayed as the active conscious mind, the first to speak in any situation, impulsive in nature, and generally impetuous.

Brimbank Libraries Your cart is empty. Thus it is of no surprise that a star should come to a halt over a place where the Christ child is born, since this is when the subconscious is at its purest and as white as snow. It is therefore, esoterically considered, the star of initiation.