Originally published under the title Essentials Of Hindutva in , it was retitled Savarkar used the term “Hindutva” (Sanskrit -tva, neuter abstract suffix) to. Hindutva (“Hinduness”), a term popularised by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in , it is the .. “How Did Savarkar, a Staunch Supporter of British Colonialism, Come to Be Known as ‘Veer’?”. The Wire. ^ e.g. Partha Banerjee, Romila Thapar, . Read Hindutva book reviews & author details and more at Veer Savarkar HINDUTVA Book by ar- New Edition with new font.

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Even so, although the Hindus have lent much and borrowed much like any other people, yet their civilization is vere characteristic to be mistaken for any other cultural unit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For although the first requisite of Hindutva is that he be a citizen of Hindusthan either by himself or through his forefathers, savzrkar it is not the only requisite qualification of it, as the term Hindu has come to mean much more than its geographical significance.

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But if the most widely accepted theory of their entrance into India be relied on, then a natural curiosity arises as to the origin of the names by which they called the new scenes of their adopted home. Without mentioning equally distinguished characters of the same period Kama, Babhruwahana, Ghatotkacha, Vidur and others, we beg to point out to the relatively modern cases of Chandragupta said to have married a Brahman girl who gave birth to the father of Ashok; Ashok who had as a prince married a Vaishya maid ; Harsha who being a Vaishya gave his daughter in marriage to a Kshatriya prince ; Vyadhakarma who is said to be the son of a Vyadha with whom his mother, a Brahman girl, had fallen in love and who grew to be the ‘ Yajnacharya of Vikramaditya, Surdas; Krishna Bhatta who being a Brahman fell so desperately in love with a Chandala girl as to lead an open married life with her and subsequently became the founder of the religious sect Matangi Pantha ; who nevertheless call 88 HINDUTVA themselves and are perfectly entitled to be recognized as Hindus.

Some of us were Aryans and some Anaryans ; but Ayars and Nayars — we were all Hindus and own a common blood. He was acquitted as the charges could not hinfutva proven. Prominent among them is the Vishva Hindu Parishadwhich was set up in with the objective of protecting and promoting the Hindu religion.

No Hindu can help feeling proud of himself at the curious interpretation put upon this epithet by the illustrious traveller, Yuan Chwang, himself belonging to our highly civilized and ancient neighbours, the Chinese, when he identifies our national name ‘Hindu’ with the Sanskrit, ‘Indu’ and says in justification that the world had rightly called this nation Feer for they and their civilization had like the moon ever been a constant source of delight and refreshment to the languid and weary soul of man.


Yet Savarkar’s book is for all time. I used to feel sorry vrer say no!

Veer Savarkar: The man credited with creating Hindutva didn’t want it restricted to Hindus

But as it is, this objection is in some cases backed up by a secret fear that if the epithet be honoured and owned, then all those who do so would be looked upon as believers in the dogmas and religious practices that go by the name ‘Hinduism’. Vishva Hindu Parishad and Indian Politics. In this context, I thought I should read the slim book which is the root of it all – Hindutva by V. Savarkar was way ahead of his age.

Hindutva is not a word but a history. We are not only a nation but a Jati, a born brotherhood. The glories of a person however magnificent, lose their glamour as time passes on.

In one of his letters the enlightened and patriotic Rajput prince writes: But where was the paper to come from? But if that foreign invader happened to be favourably inclined towards Buddhism, then nindutva was sure to find some secret sympathisers among the Indian Buddhists all over India, even as Catholic Spain could always find some important section savarkzr England to sympathise with their efforts to restore a Catholic dynasty in England.

Some of us are Jains and some Jangamas hinxutva but Jains or Jangamas — we are all Hindus and own a common blood.

He was released in under restrictions after signing a plea for clemency in which he renounced revolutionary activities. But as it is, thou art ours as truly as Shri Ram or Shri Krishna or Shri Mahavir had been and as the words were but the echoes of yearnings of our national soul, thy visions, the dreams of our race, even so, if ever the law eavarkar Righteousness rules triumphant on this our human plane, then thou wilt find that hindutav land that cradled thee, and the people that nursed thee, will have contributed most to bring about that consummation if indeed the fact of having contribu- ted thee has not proved that much already!

Savakrar a small pointed pebble or a thorn he had already savarkra a masterly skill in scratching and scribbling on the walls undete- cted by the watchman poems running into hundreds of lines which lay there till he got them committed to memory as convenience would permit. So although the root-meaning of the word Hindu like the sister epithet Hindi may mean only an Indian, yet as it is we would be straining the usage of words too much — we fear, to the point of breaking-if we call a Mohammedan a Hindu because of his being a resident of India.

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Hindutva: Who Is a Hindu? – Wikipedia

Following a failed attempt to escape while being transported from Marseilles, Savarkar was sentenced to two life terms amounting to 50 years’ vy and moved to the Cellular Jail in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

It begins with their Vedas which are the first extant chapter of the story of our race. Nothing else counts, it is after all a question of heart. In fact, after it has been made so amply clear in the foregoing sections that the epithets Hindu and Hindusthan had been the proud and patriotic designations signifying our land and our nation long before the Mohammedans or Mohammedanized Persians were heard of it becomes almost immaterial so far as the greatness of epithet Hindu and its claim to our love are concerned, what meaning, complimentary or contem- 74 HINDUTVA ptuous, is attached to it by some swollen-headed fanatic here and there.

India as a secular state. Nothing can vwer peoples into a nation and nations into a state as the pressure of a common foe. They have defiled our sacred places!

It is interesting to see how the predic- tions made in this book have, without a single excep- tion, come true. There was a time when the term ‘England’ had fallen so low in England itself in the estimation of her Norman conquerors that it became a formula of swearing against each other! He was Hindu of Hindus and till the last day of his life he kept on singing his stirring songs, emphasizing the national and 2.

He believed that the Hindu natives with all their diversity, shared among other things “the same philosophy of life”, “the same values” and “the same aspirations” which formed a strong cultural and a civilizational basis for a nation.

But on the north-western side of our nation the commingling of races was growing rather too unceremonious to be healthy and our frontiers too shifty to be safe. Both the terms “Hindutva” and “Hindu Rashtra” were used liberally in the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabhaa party Savarkar became the president of in Conservatism portal Politics portal.