Images in Clinical Medicine from The New England Journal of Medicine — De Garengeot’s Hernia. De Garengeot hernias are femoral hernias that contain the appendix. It is a rare phenomenon, with only 1% of all femoral hernias containing the appendix (and. De Garengeot hernia should be suspected in an elderly woman presenting with signs and symptoms of a strangulated hernia. The differential.

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Please review our privacy policy. Patient reported that four days before going to the hospital, after major physical effort evolved with an irreducible bulging in right inguinal region.

De Garengeot hernia | Radiology Reference Article |

We present a case of a patient with de Garengeot hernia with appendicitis who was successfully treated by performing a hybrid surgery, laparoscopic appendectomy, and anterior hernioplasty. Some authors reported that transabdominal preperitoneal hernioplasty had the benefit of diagnostic laparoscopy, and they could concurrently perform appendectomy. J Med Case Rep 5: Abdominal enhanced computed tomography CT revealed a swelling and an enhanced appendix within the femoral hernia Fig.


Please review our privacy policy. A rare case of acute abdomen: BMJ Case Rep Herjia Netto — writing. This phenomenon is thought to occur in 0. The patient had an abdominal radiograph which was unremarkable. Swelling of the right thigh for over 30 years-The rare finding of a De Garengeot hernia.

De Garengeot’s hernia

Support Center Support Center. Then, two additional 5-mm trocars were inserted in the left lower and middle abdominal regions.

The hernia could hernja reduced by deliberately pulling the appendix. She did not have any urinary or bowel symptoms.

Hernia 12 1: Published online Jan The lump was in her right groin and was tender and irreducible.

De Garengeot hernia: Case report and review

J Clin Diagn Res 10 A Irreducible lump ee the right groin with overlying erythema. There was an incidental finding of chronic sigmoid diverticular disease.

Frequently, the inflamed or ruptured appendix is a surprise finding when the groin swelling is explored. Moreover, the rates of SSI are 6.

de Garengeot hernia with appendicitis treated by two-way-approach surgery: a case report

Int J Surg Case Rep 2 5: Treatment consists of emergency surgery. Appendix abscess in a femoral hernia sac — case report and review of the literature. She also complained of increasing pain and redness in the right groin.


Int J Surg Case Rep Stratification of surgical site infection by operative factors and comparison of infection rates after hernia repair.

De Garengeot hernia is a rare condition in which appendicitis occurs within a femoral hernia. A diagnostic laparoscopy was performed initially.

Laparoscopic view of the femoral hernia with the incarcerated garengeor. Due to the infrequency of the case, there is no standard surgical practice, and cases are managed based on first principles.

The presence of acute appendicitis within a de Garengeot hernia is rarer, with an incidence of 0. The presentations of both of our cases are that of a typical groin hernia, with irreducible, tender lumps in the groin. Thirty-four patients 5 men and 29 women with a mean age of Table 1 Due to gradually increasing pain in the region, the patient was transferred to the operating theater.