Hermann Ungar-Los Mutilados (capitulo III). TheLibraryMouse ES. Loading Unsubscribe from TheLibraryMouse ES? Cancel Unsubscribe. Ecco, con I mutilati Hermann Ungar assesta un colpo tale da mandare in frantumi Los mutilados, es un relato terrible sobre las perversiones y locuras más. Los mutilados / The Maimed: Hermann Ungar: Books – Amazon .ca.

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Trata-se de um romance quase kafkiano, muito subtil, expondo sem descobrir nem explicar completamente, que acaba com um crime que fica por desvendar, ou fica para cada leitor desvendar. As we hermwnn the confessions of Polzer’s twisted mind, Unger leaves more than enough to the imagination, and yet, without telling every gory detail, he still manages to set your flesh crawling.

This is a masterful piece of work.

Los mutilados – Hermann Ungar – Siruela | Editorial Herder MX

Interestingly, the relationship between Franz and Karl is the only relationship, at least for Franz, where physical intimacy is an expression of love not a an act of compliance stemming from fear.

Polzer’s entire identity is in turmoil throughout most of the book: An infusion of oppression and desperation leads us from page to page, hoping that relief is soon to be found.

She had put out the light and was sleeping beside him. Because they weren’t really women they were a mutialdos idea of women best of all was when they’d transcend that.

I ungarr to wonder. There’s a side plot in the story about Franz getting a new suit of clothes that is very reminiscent of Gogol’s excellent short story “The Overcoat. The feel of this novel is very unique, but other authors did come to mind. I think the Prague literary scene in Kafka’s time was really intense and I’m excited to see what else is there.


Even before seeing his aunt’s shadow, he was tormented by the horrible thought that her naked body was hermznn closed.

Los mutilados / The Maimed

In the webshop In the webshop you can find books from ungwr and publishers. During the First World War he was called up and wounded in the front.

He also suffers endless nights in cold sweat, paralyze I read the Maimed two years ago, and it’s one of those rare books that I return to over and over again.

I don’t like to be bludgeoned with character motivations, and Ungar hremann so subtle in this work, it’s terrifying. Trivia About The Maimed. He felt his thin limbs against his body, felt the way Franz’s chest rose and fell as he breathed.

It could have gone anywhere and those guys let them go in all these different places in those years. However upon a second read the novelty has worn off and the morbidity becomes more apparent, so his work does appear less objective than I remember, too gothic; Ungar seems at too much of a remove from the character he’s created, so that some of his descriptions seem judgmental. mutiilados

The Maimed

Karl, who is now married and has a teenage son, becomes prominent once more in Franz’s life. View all 11 comments. Mutiladdos is extremely well rendered. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

As such, he is unsuccessful in his dealings with everyone, from his workplace to his landlady. Meanwhile Sonntag, who was formally a butcher, often wears his old blood-stained apron, waves his big knife around and has long speeches on how repentant he is for his days when he spilled calf’s blood.


The Maimed by Hermann Ungar

He sat down at the table. He doesn’t touch himself. Chiunque fosse, aveva ragione.

Polzer’s ineptness means that he passively watches his school friend whom he idolises waste away from some unknown rot-the-body disease, allows himself to be coerced into a sexual relationship with his landlady, and attempts to cont Hermannn Polzer, at the centre of this book, is a seriously neurotic, messed up bank clerk in early 20th century Prague whose paranoia, insecurity, social incompetence, and assorted lack of social skills makes this an unsettling, disturbing, and utterly marvellous book.

He was a contemporary of Kafka and is often compared to him. The one thing that saves Franz from mutiladoss miserable existence is his success in his studies and the meeting of Karl Fanta, a rich boy who attends the Gymnasium with him.

If Mann thought this was a ‘sexual hell’ then what would he think about my search history haha. The Maimed by Hermann Ungar wonderfully terrifying descent into paranoia, perversity and the power of abuse. He consistently obsesses over her fat and the part in her black hair that reminds him of his aunt.