Hesse’s novel of two medieval men, one quietly content with his religion and monastic life, the other in fervent search of more worldly salvation. Goldmund, a novice, enters the monastery. Like Narcissus, Goldmund is very beautiful. Goldmund’s horse stays in the monastery. His only. ‘Narziss and Goldmund’ is a moving, symbolic novel of friendship between a cerebral teacher who becomes a monk (Narziss) and a restless.

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Narcissus and Goldmund tells the story of two medieval men whose characters are diametrically opposite: I loved the contrast between the two main characters, Narcissus and Goldmund and the true friendship that exists between them. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Hesse gives us narcisaus memorable characters. See all customer images.

Ina translation by Ursule Molinaro was published as Narcissus and Goldmund. Come il Lucio di Apuleio, Boccadoro si macchia – ripetutamente – del peccato di curiositas. Goldmund falls for the first young lady to say no, loses her to the serpent of lust for her younger, prettier sister, and then travels far and wide.

Goldmund stays more than three years with Master Niklaus, until his masterpiece, the image of John, is ready. The Glass Bead Game: Una favola fa riflettere.

Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse | : Books

Narciwsus he never stays in one place long enough to have a lasting and deep friendship like the one he had with Narcissus. Inthe Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Preis was founded, which is awarded every two years, alternately to a German-language literary journal or to the translator of Hesse’s work to a foreign language. His culminating sculpture at the monastery, one that he wants to keep to himself and not share, is a mother figure done in the likeness of one of his most influential lovers named Lydia.


Traveling, he witnesses the different reactions of people to the catastrophe. Solo grazie alla sua illuminazione. Narcissus and Goldmund is a classic novel that I will reach for again and again on my bookshelf.

I loved his other books though. November 12, at 2: Goldmund’s entry into the monastery is more or less a penance for his mother’s sinful lifestyle. It is a theme that transcends all time. He befriends the slightly younger Goldmund who is abruptly left at the cloister by his father. This is the reason for their strong friendship and understanding of one another, both are somehow incomplete. Not all differences are differences and not all the similarities, one could say. That is, according to my research.

Magister Ludi A Novel. Essi rappresentano due condizioni esistenziali diverse, condizioni che possono e devono convivere. I never realized how much German lit I had until I started to shelve some of it together. However, in the end Goldmund refuses an offer of guild membership, preferring the freedom of the road.

I found it more cerebral and less memorable. This novel was a pleasurable way of identifying, through characterization, the dichotomy within myself during my late teens. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. But the story is not so much historical romance as fable, and gains greater universality from the relative vagueness of the medieval context.


O rispet “Noi pensatori cerchiamo di avvicinarci a Dio staccando il mondo da lui.

One always had to pay for one with the loss of the other, and one thing was always just as important and desirable as the other. Please provide an email address. To ask other readers questions about Narcissus and Goldmundplease sign up. Goldmund conquers the man. Perhaps I lacked the context at that age but I was never drawn to read it again or recommend it to others. Living in a hidden cloister in medieval Germany, Narcissus is a most learned and pious young acolyte pursuing knowledge, and the contemplation of logic, philosophy and theology.

Inhe received the Nobel Prize for Literature. He makes friends, but also enemies, and later witnesses the horrors of the ghastly plague.