Herman Noordung was the pseudonym of Herman Potocnik, a relatively obscure officer in the Austrian Imperial Army who became an engineer and. Herman Potočnik Noordung Visitor Centre (water reservoir). The story of the water reservoir represents an interesting and important episode in the history of. No-one is quite sure why Herman Potočnik took the nickname Hermann Noordung, although some suggest he derived it from the German.

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In it, Noordung deals with issues such as of weightlessness, space communications, maintaining a habitable environment for the crew, and extravehicular activity. After retiring from the army due to illness, he completed his engineering and electro-technical studies in Vienna with specialization in rocket technology. In potoink time when horse-drawn carts were the main mode of transportation, he was already speaking about a future of nuclear energy and photon drives.

Herman Potočnik Noordung’s Tombstone to Be Unveiled in Vienna

The historian John Hunley, who prepared an English translation of Potocnik’s book, describes its influence on Von Braun as “probable but speculative.

The book considers space travel not as mere day-dreaming but as a very real technological possibility. Hermann Potocnikalso known as Herman Noordung, created the first detailed technical drawings of a space station, The Rocket Motor 1,2 that focuses largely on the engineering aspects of space stations. Ljubljana-Jesenice railway will get EUR m upgrade Slovenian tourism campaign wins major award in London SD expresses strong support for Global Compact for Migration NLB order book reportedly full, price at bottom of range Trimo gives up steel constructions as part of streamlining effort.

His specialization was building of railways and bridges.

Herman Potočnik Noordung and Vitanje – Culture of Slovenia

Electrical Engineers Croatian Men. The first member of this family moved to Vitanje at the beginning of the 19th century together with many other migrants, mainly from Upper Austria and the Czech lands, who took the positions of master craftsmen in glass, iron and other production facilities. Afterward he went to the military secondary schools in Fischau and Hranice in Moravia.

He certainly had the opportunity to read Potocnik’s book though published initially in its author’s native language of Slovenian, it appeared quickly in German translation. In its Russian edition, the book may also have influenced Sergey Korolev ‘s circle. Rode with GoOpti from Venice to Maribor In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


Noordujg”order”; ordunga in Slovene colloquial language.

The book devised a plan for the establishment of a permanent human presence in the space. The Sun would provide electric power, though not with solar cells, which had not yet been conceived.

Hunley with Jennifer Garland. Following the construction of the new reservoir which occupied almost half of the fortress yard, the inner space of the fort was also reconstructed. Privacy Policy Manage Cookies. Moreover, von Braun’s concept included a circumferential trough of solar mirrors hedman power. During the hherman years, he worked as an expert for bridge and railway constructions at various fronts, and after the war inhe retired due to incurable tuberculosis of the lungs.

The influence of Potocnik on von Braun may have been only indirect. Its construction dates back to the third quarter of the 19 th century, a time of intense building activity in the city that demanded the construction of adequate utility services and, above all, the tackling of the issue of public water supply and sewerage. This heman be the first ever bilingual tombstone dedicated to a Slovenian buried in Austria’s capital.

Like a flower, the station would face the Sun. In he completed his engineering and electro-technical studies in Vienna with the title Specialist in Rocket Technology. An iron pipe was installed on the arch to supply additional quantities of water from the water spring at Karolina by means of a suction pump, located on the roof of the new reservoir the arch was unfortunately demolished in because it posed a potential hazard for the visitors.

The publisher, Richard Carl Schmidt, printed the year as a publishing date, probably from a purely business motive to keep the book looking new throughout the coming year and this date is often mistakenly given as the actual date of publication.

When Herman was two years old, his father died. Yes, but what is Urbana?

With his many ideas he became one of the founders of astronautics. In his research, he focused on rocket technology. Herman Potocnik, Hermann Noordung.

Assuming that the initial “N” may have been intended to stand as a negation, the name would mean “without order” or “no order”. By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. His innovative techniques, ideas, and many predictions enjoy increasing confirmation with each new extra-terrestrial accomplishment in the modern era.


More information is available at http: Inhis father took part in the second Battle of Vis, and later served as a general in the Austro-Hungarian Army. Hermann Noordung image depicts a three-unit space station as seen from a space ship. It conceived a detailed design for a space station and described how the special conditions of space could be useful for scientific experiments. After obtaining PhD in engineering, he focused on rocket science and completely immersed himself in the research of space technology.

After WWI, he studied electrical engineering in Vienna, specialising in rocketry, and devoted himself entirely to rocket science and space technology from on. Due to lack of physical memorabilia about his life, the interior of an observatory capsule presented videos with statements of renowned historians, cosmonauts and astronauts for instance: Inshortly before his death, he finished his book on space travel under the pen name “Noordung”.

His father served as a naval officer and doctor for the Austrian army but passed away when Herman was just two years old.

He spent most of his childhood years in Maribor and, according to oral potonk, in Vitanje.

Centre “Herman Potočnik Noordung”

An obituary notice about his death was printed in one Maribor daily newspaper, mentioning his ranks engineers and captainhis illness, but nothing about his work regarding space. It considered space travel not as mere day-dreaming but as a very real technological possibility. Personal tools Log in. Von Braun saw orbiting space stations as a stepping stone to travel to other planets. His uncle Heinrich was a major-general in the army, and probably enabled his study at Austrian military schools.

Retrieved from ” https: In he nooedung pensioned off from the Austrian military with the rank of captain because of tuberculosis that he contracted during the war.