There was antioxidant activity reported from Heracleum persicum (Golpar). Key Words: Heracleum persicum extracts, Sperm, Mice, Chromatin, DNA integrity. Heracleum persicum, a herbaceous perennial invasive plant native to Iran, was introduced to Europe via England (Rijal, Alm, et al., ). Effects of golpar (Heracleum persicum Desf.) and probiotics in drinking water on performance, carcass characteristics, organ weights, blood.

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Exotic richness Total count of exotic species. The bracts of primary umbels fall off early, the 10—18 bracteoles of secondary umbels do not fall off.

Antioxidant activity of some furanocoumarins isolated from Heracleumpersicum. However, there is always a cost associated with management of H. Heracleum persicum Persian hogweed ; dry fruits at the end of August.

Dalouchi et al showed that the extract of H. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment10— John Wiley and Sons. We resampled genetic diversity and invasibility 10, times for each location in a group of five samples with replacement.

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Ecology89— The species probably originates from the Middle East, somewhere south of Caucasia, but has spread as an ornamental plant up to Northern Europe. Pakistan J Pharm Sci. A new nematode of order Tylinchida and family Heteroderidae, Heterodera persicahas been reported to parasitize on H. The impact of plant invasion is likely to increase in Europe. Journal of Ecology88— Seeds of the species can be smashed and in order to release the anise smell.

Root cutting diggingmowing, inflorescence removal and entire plant removal has been recommended as suitable methods for controlling H. Exotic richness was low in both the invaded and noninvaded plots. Reproductive biology, physiology and phenology, environmental requirement and biological interactions also require further research.


Umbels nearly convex, cm wide; rays straight or bent inwards, cm. Is has become heravleum real plague especially in northern Norway. Internationally the species is known widely as Tromso Palm, since in the town of Tromso it can nowadays be found in almost heracleu garden. Our results indicate community stability or saturation as an important determinant of invasibility.

Deliberately introduced as garden plant but not really as a commercial horticultural plant. Medicinal effect of Heracleum persicum Golpar. Importance of species evenness in an old field. Dicotyledonae Summary of Invasiveness Heracleum persicum is a perennial herb, commonly known as Persian hogweed or golpar, with an anise-like smell. Nearly half of the fruits are already dispersed. The positive association between latitude and genetic diversity appears to be a consequence of the subsequent loss of genetic diversity during the north—south spread, most likely from an area close to Talvik, of H.

In the long run, residential species may be locally extinct from the areas where H. Despite lower exotic richness both in the invaded and the noninvaded plots, there is a high relative cover of exotic species in the invaded plots particularly due heracleuum the high abundance of Heracleum persicum.

Distinct invasion strategies operating within a natural annual plant system. Click here for additional data file. Nei’s genetic diversity estimated using microsatellite markers for Heracleum persicum in a location. One of the microscopic assessments of sperm for male fertility investigation is the evaluation of sperm nuclear chromatin; any anomalies in sperm chromatin can affect embryonic development Native richness Total count of native species.

Perzsa medvetalp

He observed densely hairy lower leaf surfaces; similar herqcleum H. A language and environment for statistical computingVienna, Austria: Eighteen species new to the flora of Iraq.


Pragmatism required to assess impacts of invasive plants. However, a recently discovered parasitic nematode, Heterodera persica Maafi et al. Guidelines for the management and control of an invasive weed in Europe. In addition, due to high stature and dense cover, it may shade other resident species. In such a case, larger plots would have forced us to study more heterogeneous noninvaded plots compared to invaded plots making it difficult to disentangle whether the observed differences were due to invasion or habitat heterogeneity.

Biodiversity as a barrier to ecological invasion. Clinical relevance of oxidative stress and sperm chromatin damage in male infertility: Unlike other invasive giant hogweeds, it repeatedly flowers and can survive via vegetative reproduction even if sexual reproduction fails. Continental climate with dry summer Warm average temp. Heracleum persicum Persian hogweed ; mature plant growing on a roadside.

Heracleum persicum (Persian hogweed)

Global Change Biology1844— Additional deleterious effects of alcohol consumption on sperm parameters and DNA integrity in diabetic mice.

Motility was expressed as percentage of progressive and non-progressive spermatozoa. Environmental Requirements Clonality in H. Genetic diversity in widespread species is not congruent with species richness in alpine plant communities. Regional populations of H. Heracluem II shows the sperm chromatin condensation analysis results and DNA integrity status using different assays.

No similar study in literature has been found to compare our data with others.