Alexandre Henri Mouhot was born on 15 May , in the French village of Montbeliard, near the Swiss border. His father served in the administration of Louis. However, it turned out many of the folks we approached seemed clueless when asked about Henri Mouhot’s grave. One of them, a young. Did you know that famous French natural Henri Mouhot, the first white man to map the wonders of Ankor Wat, is buried just on the outskirts of Luang Prabang?.

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Henri Mouhot’s tomb – Rough Guides | Rough Guides

Bring some lunch and relax by the river afterwards. Both parents made sacrifices to provide for the education of their two sons. A drawing of Henri Mouhot done by H. You can also learn how to be a mahout. Cuora mouhotiia turtle; and Oligodon mouhotia snake.

Henri Mouhot’s Grave

The chirp of the cricket alone breaks the stillness. He died on the evening of 10 November and was buried by his faithful servants on the banks of the Nam Khan Henfi, east of the town.

Many years later an official tombstone was erected at the site. Two of his servants buried him near a French mission in Naphan, by the banks of the Nam Khan river.

History and Culture: On the Trail of Henri Mouhot

Around the royal court was removed to…. The bulk of this article was originally written and compiled by Zak Keith in Someone took the liberty of placing chunky excerpts from this article at Wikipedia. It is inscribed, ‘Doudart de Lagree Mouhot himself erroneously asserted that Angkor was the work of an earlier civilization than the Khmer. Some of his notes are the earliest surviving records of previously uncharted areas.


A member of the expedition wrote: A few trees and the rustling of genri tops accompanied the murmur of the waters of the Nam Kan which ran at their feet.

The part about a run-down Angkor succumbing to nature and being in a serious state of disrepair is true, but Angkor was never lost.

To obtain permission to republish more substantial portions of this article or the article in its entirety, please contact the author, Zak Keith. Notes 1 Mouhot Oxford University Press reprintvol 2, p By the time French explorer and naturalist Henri Mouhot was 34, he was meandering the Mekong region and the ruins of Angkor. Louis Delaporte, a member of the commission, made drawings and supervised the building of the monument.

Henri Mouhot sitting at the foot of a tree and drawing; Laos; wild elephants background ; servants preparing food foreground Drawn by A. InI was so moved when I visited the site where Henri Mouhot was buried that on returning to Bangkok, I re-read his diaries. Infrom his base in Bangkok, Mouhot made four journeys into the interior of Siam, Cambodia and Laos.

Henri Mouhot to the remote lands of Siam, Laos, and Cambodia. Built in a humid forest, during the rainy season, the tomb had never been able to dry and the poor quality lime of the country had immediately been washed away by the diluvial rains common in this season. Mouhot compared Angkor to the pyramids, for it was popular in the West at that time to ascribe the origin of all civilization to the Middle East.


Henri Mouhot May 15, — November 10, was a French naturalist and explorer of the midth century. He risked his life in pursuit of nature and of ‘seeing so much that is beautiful, grand, and new’ in the remote interior of Laos which no other foreigner had seen before him.

hfnri Previously, a Portuguese trader Diogo do Couto visited Angkor and wrote his accounts about it inand the Portuguese monk Antonio da Magdalena had also written about his visit to Angkor Wat in It is grander than anything left to us by Greece or Rome, and presents a sad contrast to the state of barbarism in which the nation is now plunged. The table provides a list of the major rulers of…. This day trip will lead you to the gravesite of this fascinating man.

See below for more sights and activities in Luang Prabang that are listed on Travelfish. His writings were collected and published posthumously in a book called Travels in Siam, Cambodia and Laosmouht began to popularize Angkor in the West.

Modern Bangkok, historical Hanoi and tourism-boom town Siem Reap — home to the world-famous Angkor Wat temples — are some of Southeast Asia’s best drawcards…. There are two restaurants that serve a mix of Lao and European dishes…as well as fresh coconuts. He did this through his diaries which contain detailed descriptions and illustrations of the Khmer monuments.

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