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Haruki Murakami novelTran Anh Hung.


During his visit, he meets a musician Reiko and the three of them bond. There’s too little of the characters that do spark my interest and much too much of the depressive girlfriend and her kooky friend at the mental institution. I tried hard not to let spoilers show, but man has Murakami got the talent to keep churning interesting words.

Before then, you could be conscripted into the armed forces at 18, but you could not drink alcohol murakaji you turned So I got to thinking that maybe I should read norvgeiana book that made him famous, the book that everyone in Japan is said to have read, that compelled Murakami to flee the country to escape the media attention.

It lay precisely on the border where the norvegianq ended and the woods began — a dark opening in the earth a yard across, hidden by grass. Norwegian Wood is a story of people broken by pain. I don’t even know how to explain it.

She is so stricken that she elects to go to a sanitarium until she can deal with life again. Unfortunately, BB deleted his page after the amazon acquisition of GR. Sushi know this would happen? The book title if you are wondering is taken from a Beatles track ‘Norwegian Wood’ which is one of the novel’s characters favourite songs. Trivia About Norwegian Wood. It was a relief. The conversations between Toru and Naoko capture perfectly the sudden enthusiasms of youth, followed by moody silences and retreats into the inner self and sometimes by philosophical musings well ahead of their age: It almost constantly switched between making me feel angry, sad, annoyed and disgusted.


I’ll be stable when I’m dead.

Feb 08, Jim Fonseca rated it it was amazing Shelves: In fact, when asked about it in an interview, Murakami himself said that he was puzzled by its popularity and that padurra really isn’t what he wants to be known for.

A reading that is suspiciously like dreaming, as you are transported to a time and place that is unknown, yet intimate. An unlikely friendship with Midori, helps dissipate some of the darkness in Toru’s life but he is still unable to get Naoko off his mind and keeps writing her letters irrespective of whether she sends a reply or not.

Norwegian Wood (novel) – Wikipedia

No one saw us this evening hand in hand while the blue night dropped on the world. Life is like that. I feel like 17, 21 again, for ever. Half the book is whinge and whine, the other half objectifies women.

Jul 11, Yulia rated it it was ok Shelves: The people who don’t feel real, such as Midori, are still full of a palette of colours.


I’ve read three, so far, each of them so different from the others, yet as beautiful and soulful as the other. It does a take on unrequited love and feelings. I feel like 17, 21 again, for ever. Many of his novels have themes and titles that invoke classical music, such as the three books making up The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: Finora ho sempre pensato che avrei voluto oscillare in et In memoria dell’adolescenza rubata “Io a differenza di te ho deciso di vivere, e anche di cercare di vivere bene.

No one saw us this evening hand in hand while the blue night dropped on the world.

He says it surprised him when this small book catapulted his fame to extreme heights in Japan. At times we kick the ball around for a while, laugh heartily among ourselves and leave the field, slapping each others’ backs.


The publication of the novel caused such a sensation in Japan that novelist Haruki Murakami was. I wish I could weave his sentences into a rug to roll around on. Sometimes, we accuse each other of unfair play and forget it was just a game. People screamed there would be revolutionary changes- which always seemed to be just ahead, at the curve in the road.