This title is not available. Here are some other titles you might like. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Harn Region Map · City of Coranan Player . Have a bit of a problem with this here supplement for Harn: Kaldor The problem is with the price. Nearly £22 for a 61 page book!? That’s insane. Kaldor is the name given to the region of the middle Kald River watershed, lying roughly between the Sorkin and Felsha Mountains of east central Hârn. The.

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If you have any questions feel free to PM me or reply here! March 28, Save for its civilized regions, Harn is heavily forested.

Hârn Map_Google Harn

No harm in watching! Active forum topics Anything Else For ? Obsidian Kaldoe has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. This website is the product of a project I started in In addition to the manor, this update also includes an adventure which can be used to draw the PCs to the manor.

Second, I wanted to explore “local campaigns”, which are adventures set in a geographically small but richly detailed setting. I have seen that but not sure I could dedicate the time needed. Just ask Dennis for kldor to the 2 games.

There is also a short adventure article describing the Tournament of Saint Orthas’ Day. Dennis is currently running two campaigns. The application above still works, but it might be better to just email Dennis the GM directly – dennisdutton yahoo.


Click here to see the full list. I thought I’d post again 2 years later! Some of the highlights include heraldry, ksldor and military details and more. It is known to be the home of the SindarinKhuzdulmany strange beasts, and has a long tradition of powerful mages from the Island. As the characters advance klador the campaign, they are presented with increasingly difficult challenges – obstacles that require them to solve puzzles and use a variety of skills.

Additionally, a high concentration of Earthmaster ruins and artifacts can be found on Harn. The project had two inter-related objectives. The site of Roganter, a secular manor held by a knight from the Archbishop of Larani at Caleme, is detailed and mapped with information about every village household.

In addition to the manor, this update harrn includes an adventure where the PCs must solve the Kobarney riddle, key to finding the Saint’s sword. Kaldor is ripe with adventure possibilities. General Articles This page has articles that aren’t specifically related to the Knights of Kaldor but could be used in the campaign.

Tavern Keeper is a Community for Tabletop Gamers.

I approached creating the career campaign much as an author would tackle a novel. Denwald has a small but important part to play in life in Fethael Hundred. Each manor has a “cheat sheet” kaodor the end but there are also plenty of seeds scattered throughout the material.

GM Notes This page contains the notes I’ve derived through the play-testing process. Also, its PBeM and not forum based?

Knights of Kaldor

Don’t be afraid to make up alternative plot lines. Hey Everyone, I thought I’d post again 2 years later! I use the email as a notification then go to the group and reply. The level of detail should not be viewed as daunting, however, but as a backdrop that is as deep as the players need it to be. The Knights of Kaldor website has five main areas. Harn is a misty, cool, temperate collection of islands which sits off the coast of Lythia. Tashal is the seat of the King of Kaldor. I would think that this makes it even harder to track whats going on from a player standpoint, at least that is how I would forsee it.


You can always lurk for a bit and see if you’re interested. Thus, this is kaldof advertisement to see some new blood infused into the game.

Both provide ample opportunity to RP in a rich world crafted by a great GM. Unless I’m travelling, then I use the handy dandy iPhone. I’ve also added some notes on how to handle the lethality of the campaign. Allan Prewett took on the job of running the playtesting group, which involved as much campaign creation as it did refereeing. Kxldor me or send me a private message at HarnForum.

Six major kingdomsand one plutocratic republicare found on Harn, as well as a host of less civilized tribes who inhabit the dense forests between them. Please upgrade your browser or install Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full functionality of this site.