Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycle Repair Manuals – Fix your bike like a pro! Get your Repair Manual fast from , with our Best Price. Harley Davidson Sportster Models Service Repair Manual Harley Davidson-Sportster_ XLH Sportster 93 a 98 – Service Manual TG. View and Download Harley-Davidson Sportster owner’s manual online. Sportster Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Iron , Sportster .

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Four cam gear bushings installed in the gearcase cover. Install the other half of the bearing race harlry tool B, Figure into the crankcase and push it against the outer bearing race. Upper pawl lifter arm 4.

Lightly lubricate all parts with fresh engine oil. If the charging system output exceeds the current demand and the battery continues to not hold a charge, perform the Battery Current Draw Test as described in this section. NOTE Insert the two cross plate pins into the pin holes in the transmission housing. Rear muffler models 3. On all models, make sure the horn does not con- tact the frame or ignition coil bracket.

Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster Service Manual

Remove the top and reinstall the spring. Turn the fuel supply off and disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor. Check the ignition timing. Rear intake cam gear 3. Then install the oil pump onto the crankcase.


Install the valve tappets as described in this chapter. Then insert a 0. Inspect the battery Chapter Twelve. If the free play is correct, go to Step 7.

Harley Sportster Manual

Inspect davodson bearing races in the left crankcase half Figure Inner valve spring 4. By itself, this tool is used to remove the valve guides. Buy the best for your bike! Install the shift forks and shift drum as described in this chapter. Press the mainshaft into the bearing until the mainshaft shoulder bottoms out against the bearing. Each manual provides step-by-step instructions based on the complete dis Disconnect the speed-sensor connec- tor [65]. Coupling models Third countershaft gear 4.

Remove the starter as described in Chapter Twelve. Inspect the wiring harness for signs of damage that may have occurred when removing the manal.

On the socket housing side, the tangs are located at the top of each chamber. If the voltage is incorrect, check the ignition system wiring as described in Ignition Circuit Wiring Check section in this section. Adjust the drive belt Chapter Three.

Harley Davidson service manuals for download, free!

Check for intake air leaks at the manifolds and carburetors. Spacer drive belt 4. The num- ber stamped on the socket is mnual size of the work area and must match the fastener head. Place the installer base on the press bed with the large end facing up. Remove the oil tank Pipe elbow filler cap Figure 5 for faster oil flow. Record this distance for each valve guide so that the guides manhal be installed to the same dimen- sion. Step 1 describes how to install a bearing in a case half or over a shaft.


Subtract the measurement made in substep b from the measurement made in substep a. Inspect the friction plates B, Figure 46 for worn or grooved lining surfaces. If assembling the chain using a press fit master link, refer to Press Fit Master Link in this section to press the side plate onto the connecting link. Before replacing the speedometer or speed reads high or low, needle sticks or is in- sensor, confirm that it is defective by taking the termittent and erratic.

Harley Sportster Service Manual.

Lockwasher charging wire to 7. For access to the pushrods Figure 92remove the rocker covers as described in this chapter. Lightly wipe the throttle area on the handlebar with graphite. Repeat for the the flange must be flat to fit properly onto the exhaust studs.