Happyface. by Stephen Emond. Summer before sophomore year was going well for Happyface. Happyface by Stephen Emond. Publication. I think Stephen Emond did a great job with this. The topper for me is, I have NO idea what the main character’s name is! They call him Happyface and his IM. Moving easily between cartoons and painterly black-and-white illustration, this epistolary novel of a young teen’s reinvention of self is subtle.

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Believe it or not, the song has it right It has such a great story line to it. Even in his diary Happyface manages to keep a lot of his life a secret. He is known as Happyface to his friends, which he n “Meet Happyface. When he moved to the new town I thought that it was a scary transition because I have seen new kids get bullied. Email required Address never made public.

The book that I have read is called Happyface by Stephen Emond. We don’t know that happened on that day and it’s not until we’re quite far through the novel that we find out – when the incident is revealed I actually had to skip back to the beginning and make sure I hadn’t missed something earlier on.

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When he tries to ask her out, his family laughs out loud. It reaches the reader in a personal level because it was written in a way that the character was confiding to his journal. Happyface is the guy who is secretly in love with you, and you may never ever know because he’s too shy to tell you about it.

But anyway the book was really good, I enjoyed it a lot.

I bought into it. Things are confusing and weird in the beginning but they would make sense if they ejond written in a journal and you knew a bit about the character. Reading Happyface reminded me of those days, and I really empathized for Happyface in his plight.


His parents got divorced and he went to live with his mother. Did he just left that happy persona and started being his old and real self again? Stephfn is a quick read.

What is your opinion of the book? It was about a young male character, who I found I could not relate to at all, and the moral of the story was clouded until the very last page.

Happyface by Stephen Emond

I really enjoyed this book because a lot of the characters had simple but deep personality traits I could connect to people in my own world. Plus I always felt like if I open up and tell them exactly how I am, it’s stpehen I’m laying the burden on them. This word represents “Happyface” by Stephen Emond because throughout happpy book the main character, nicknamed Happyfaceuses a figurative mask to hide his own true self from others.

I just told you. Please write me back. One of the main characters, also known as Happyface, was my favorite character. Another reason why I picked up the book was because the I liked the writing form; it was written like a diary, with a lot of drawings. They forgive him and everything ends alright. It adds a completely new dimension to the experience of reading and made the whole novel shine even brighter for me.

Amazing style, amazing images, and all around great story line. Aug 05, Dom Perry dom the book thief rated it liked it Shelves: I was first attracted to Happyface when I saw the bright yellow cover calling my name from the library shelf.

View all 10 comments. As the book went on, however, his personality changed some. I’ve seen others complain about Happyface being too whiny, too full of himself, etc. The only problem is that it is not who he really is. You will be ridiculed, you will get beat up, you will be lonely and want to die. Review happyface-Stephan Edmund This book is absolutely fantastic! Chloe and the boy started become very good friends until she started dating the boy’s brother.


At home he is shy and awkward, but when he joins a new school he leaves that version of himself behind and transforms into a brand new person, who at points doesn’t even like himself, but continues with it because he knows it is what makes people like him. See all 5 questions about Happyface….

He quickly realizes though that hidden behind his Happyface persona lies his problems that can’t be cast away as he wears his “mask. Happyface is a great book.

Happyface is a socially awkward guy who is secretly in love with his bombshell best friend and fade a family that is slowly falling apart. He had to then move a few towns over with his mom. I decided to wipe off that ‘full of doubt’ look. Where did it get me? Through sketches, cartoons, comic strips, and illustrations in various styles, Happyface tells a multi-medium story.

He fell completely in love with her, and it was hard for him because she was friends with many guys and it was hard for him to not embarrass himself trying to act better than them all.