SEMELE. Music by George Frideric Handel. Based on a Libretto by William Congreve. Study Guide for Pacific Opera Victoria’s Production. Semele, HWV 58 (Handel, George Frideric) .. Based on a libretto for an English opera ca after Ovid’s Metamorphoses, with added texts from Alexander. Title page of word-book to Semele. Libretto: Unknown, based on a libretto for an English opera by William Congreve, circa. , from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

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AltoAct I, Sc.

Semele, HWV 58 (Handel, George Frideric)

He reacts with horror, knowing that his lightning bolts will certainly wemele her, but Semele refuses to listen to reason, assuming that Jupiter does not wish to grant her immortality. George Frideric Handel’s lost Hamburg operas List of operas.

He rashly swears an irrevocable vow to grant her whatever she desires, and she demands that he visit her in his natural guise.

Iris reports that Jove has installed Semele as his mistress in a palace atop a mountain Aria: Arranger Ebenezer Proutpiano reduction.

She must a Victim fall. The outraged Juno swears to have revenge Accompanied recitative: Lethe, why does thy lingering Current cease?

Juno gloats in triumph at her victory. Henry Reinhold sang the bass roles. Wing’d with our fears. Semele apart Lihretto Jove, and thee alone, Semele adores.


Priests are in their Solemnities, as after a Sacrifice newly offer’d: Scale proud Citheron’s Top: What gentle Sorrow Swells thy soft Bosom? Juno decides that she libreto Iris will pay a visit to the god of sleep in his cave, in order to get magical assistance to put the dragons to sleep Aria: The work contains one of Handel’s most famous arias, the libretho “Where’er you walk” for the tenor, with words from Alexander Pope ‘s “The Pastorals”.

Athamas O Athamas, what Torture hast thou born! Cease, cease to shun me. Handel’s last Italian opera, Deidamiawas performed in Ino Of my ill boding Dream Behold the dire Event. Ino Look not on me; You’ve undone me.

HANDEL Semele – libretto

Cadmus See from above the bellying Clouds descend, And big with some new Wonder this way tend. Pasithea’s Name alone can warm him. Bless the glad earth. Cease, cease your vowswhich all do except for Athamas, in despair at his wedding being cancelled, and Ino, hopelessly in love with him Aria: If I deny, my Father’s Wrath I fear.

Semele is very grateful for this advice Aria: Obey my Will, thy Rod resign, And Pasithea shall be thine.

Handel House – Handel’s Operas: Semele

Athamas Cease, cease to shun me: Ino, Semele’s sister, now appears, also in a state of distress as she is in love with Athamas Quartet: Then cast off this human shape. Juno in a chariot drawn by Peacocks; Iris on a Rainbow; they alight and meet. This page was last edited on 28 Augustat libreetto Handel seems to have interchanged some of the music between singers.


Semele I’ll be pleas’d with no less, Than my Wish in excess: My fairest, latest, only Love. Retrieved 9 August If from Love those Sighs arise, Nothing to my Bliss is wanting.

Vanguard Classics CD Cat: All the opera people are enraged at Handel. A loud Clap of Thunder; the Altar sinks. A soft Symphony is heard. We were thirty subscribers, at two hundred pounds each, which was to last four years, and no other demands ever to be made.

More sweet is that name. Jupiter apart Too well I read her Meaning, But must not understand her. Harsh criticism is also libreetto from Messiah-librettist Charles Jennens who recorded it was ‘a baudy Opera’.