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Standup paddleboarding is one of our life passions.

hamac en vrac | hamacasutra | Flickr

In our experience, theory is a very important step. Rather you are a complete beginner who wants to learn kitesurfing in Tulum or an experienced kitesurfer looking for a nice spot to ride, you need to know a few things to get the most out of your kitesurfing vacation. Go step by step. And, you won’t learn to kite. Are you ready to go one step further?

Could you do that?

It demands a bunch of hours of training. Surround yourself with the right instructors. Because you learn faster and better. It turns out that in the Mexican Caribbean the hammock is a traditional place to sleep for a large part of the native population. In Tulum is very common to see locals selling colorful hammocks on the beach. So, it is very important and necessary to know all the rules of kitesurfing and all safety techniques before starting to navigate on your own.

The most important decision we make every year is who we choose as instructors. The cotton has only being used for about hamacasytra years. We Love Strapless Kitesurfing.

Landing many strapless tricks and kiting until sunset.

Researching on the subject About the history of the hammock. Principle that not only take you longer to master the sport but very possibly you end up injured. It was Christopher Columbus who brought the hammock to Europe, where it became a very popular place to sleep for many European sailors generally in the boats. It is very curious to see how in a Mayan house can be hung and cross three, four and five hammocks at a time, in no more than 20 square meters.


I recently read in “El Sur del Caribe Mexicano” a free publication on Caribbean tourismthe history of hammocks, those that are hung on the palms and appear in all the Caribbean photos. The Mayans are still masters of this unique, special technique which is multiply reproduced.

Taking the course, you will learn the techniques of kite safety, principles of wind and the necessary conditions to start riding without accidents. Our success as a kite school and your improvement as a kite client, depends on their good work. So, keep focus in the process.

El Hamacasutra Y Otras Décimas Jarochas Sin CENSURA Rafael Figueroa Hernández

A new web experience where is very em to find what you are looking for in Tulum. Please be aware that once you start paddling, you will never stop. The Mayan people hamacasutrw traditionally considered the hammock as “a gift from the Gods. How long it takes to learn kitesurfing? I found it very interesting. Introducing the new MexicanCaribbeanKitesurf. It is best to learn with the school equipment and once completed the course, you ask advice to your instructor about the material that suits you.

Now, we’ll give you three more good reasons to take kitesurfing lessons: It seemed incredible to me. Kitesurfing is not a sport that can be learned in one or two hours.

So, if you were thinking of starting kiteboarding and also want a vacation in Tulum contact our hamacasugra Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf and if you are looking for the best place to stay in Tulum beach while learning to sail, your place is Ahau Tulum.

A bad learning can expose you and those around you to a serious accident. In fact, one of our goals is to change your life through kitesurfing.


The best thing you can do is take a kitesurfing course to become an independent rider. When I was working in the hotel months ago, my fellow Mayan coworkers told me that they always slept in hammocks. Kite and lines set up. The course will allow you to go to any beach, decide the most appropriate kite size according to wind conditions and start riding on your own without problems. And not just for your own safety, but also for the safety of other riders and swimmers in the area.

Kiteboarding equipments are not cheap and if you buy one before you have an idea about kitesurfing you will probably make a mistake buying one kite inappropriate for someone starting out.

We offer strapless kitesurfing lessons in Tulum for those experienced kitesurfers who want to lose the straps. We know you are in Tulum on holidays. We want you to love kitesurfing as much as we do.

The hammock because its nocturnal freshness is used by the Mayans as a resting place, completely replacing the bed and conquering rooms and gardens of all households in the area.

One of the most asked questions is: Waiting for you here! But above all, it demands going step by step mastering one exercise at a time. Do not miss the first lesson and never try to learn kitesurf on your own. Because you learn with the school equipment.