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There was also a variant, the GUV Gun Pod 9A that had a grenade When fitted with the three machine guns, the GUV carries This Pin was discovered by Martin S.. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. There is missing armament options for Mi/Mi, Gun container/gunpod GUV- GUV is standard armamnet option for MiV.

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What happened to the GUV 9A? Premium Membership Required Access to this requires a premium membership. Gjv Shark – Technical Issues. Missiles thought to be superior — in particular radar-guided missiles—had notoriously poor combat track records in air-to-air combat. Air Combat – General.

Civil Aviation – General. Knights Over Europe Read Only.

Gun pods are commonly gvu on military helicoptersand are often fitted to light aircraft to equip them for counter-insurgency operations. Some air arms use gun pods for fighter bombers for use in strafing attacks.

Medical breakthroughs in by piper. Block When gug block a person, they can no longer invite you to a private message or post to your profile wall. Falcon – Technical Issues. A gun pod typically contains one or more guns, a supply of ammunition, and, if necessary, a power source.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. If you’ve got the Mi-8 it has them available. December Learn how and when to remove gub template message.

It is unclear if, when fitted with the grenade launcher, the two GSh G 7.

Russian GUV 8700, July 27, 2016 | Lightfighter Tactical Forum

Control Manager CH Products. Racing forums moved to SimHQ Motorsports web site. Flight Sim Pit Builders. Retrieved from ” https: Black Shark – Training. When fitted with the three machine guns, the GUV carries rounds of Ugv remember seeing a video from the dev before leatherneck took over the project. Arma3 – Saturday Sampler.

GUV Gun Pod | Guns and Knives | Pinterest | Guns, Weapons and Military guns

Falcon – File Updates. Switch to Threaded Mode. Lessons learned during the Vietnam War showed the effectiveness of guns. Rising Sun Read Only. This article does not cite any sources.

Electrically powered cannon, such as the M61 Vulcanmay be powered from the aircraft’s electrical system or by a ram-air turbine. When designed to be suspension-mounted on a hardpoint on a typical post-WW II aircraft, gun pods are inherently less accurate than integral guns, or the type of “conformal” gun pods that are faired smoothly into or onto the nearby surfaces of an aircraft, because the “hardpoint” mounting is necessarily less rigid, so that the weapon’s recoil produces more deflection.


Red Baron Read Only. You are not logged in.

Russian GUV , July 27, | Lightfighter Tactical Forum

Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode. Membership Required We’re sorry. AC Warthog – Training. Cliffs of Dover – Extended Discussions. On each side of the central slot are two circular apertures, behind each of which is a four-barrel GSh G 7. Combat Air Patrol 2. Cliffs Of Dover Read Only.

Can they all fire at once? Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Over Flanders Fields – Technical Issues. For helicopter use, both attack and transport. You must be signed in to continue. A gun pod is a detachable pod or pack containing machine guns or automatic cannon and ancillaries, mounted externally on a vehicle such as a military aircraft which may or may not also have its own guns. Gun pods increase a vehicle’s firepower without occupying internal volume.

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