Shortlisted for the Booker Prize, this thoughtful, entrancing tale of a Sinhalese houseboy’s maturation takes place in the early s, in the edenic calm before. Reef by Romesh Gunesekera. cubicle light went out. Then, as the stars brightened, I remembered a bay-fronted house six thousand miles away.” — from Reef. Romesh Gunesekera’s Reef manages to align and illustrate these two congruent ideas. The staggering consequences of delicate shifts and subtle notions and.

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Reef Summary & Study Guide

History may be a nightmare in which Gunesekera is struggling to entrap us, and yet no matter how often these political realities are referred to, they never become as relevant as ginesekera more immediate, more compelling emotional realities of the story.

Wijetunga was expressing a sentiment that was spreading rapidly among the dissatisfied masses. The one which proves to have truly earned its myriad positive critical reviews.

Ranjan Salgado, a marine biologist obsessed by swamps, sea movements, and a Sri Lankan island’s disappearing reef. Salgado takes to drink. He had traveled all over the earth.

Now an adult in exile in London, the novel’s narrator remembers his Edenic childhood in Sri Lanka in the post-independence era of the ‘s, when at the age of 11 he became an apprentice houseboy for a marine biologist, Mr.

Mister Salgado and Triton soon moved to London. Soon she moves into the house. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This site uses cookies. And yet, Gunesekera never really manages to make it an organic part of Triton’s story. View all 5 comments. Triton describes Joseph as deceitful, mean-spirited, and jealous of him.

Reef is the gunesekeda and moving story of Triton, a talented young chef so committed to pleasing his gunesekea palate that he is oblivious to the political unrest threatening his Sri Lankan paradise. Other recurring themes, threaded subtly gunesdkera the narrative, gradually become visible. Despite his wider experience, Mister Salgado’s own prevailing traits are seriousness, application and appreciation. It’s a story as ancient as the replenishing-then-destroying corals of the bright reef.


He loves and admires his master and knows his own value. Triton is concerned with narrating, in detail, the ten years or so he lived with Mister Salgado in Sri Lanka. The novel skillfully adapts its tone to the protagonist’s aging from about 10 to 16 or so, I would guess. She, in turn, insulted him and walked out of his gunwsekera. Triton is a character of gentle innocence.

Salgado, a marine biologist obsessed with swamps and seafood, that he is oblivious to the political unrest threatening his country. Gunesekfra from ” https: Jul 27, Colleen added it. His back catalogue looks amazing.

I disagree with this reading. My sarong, tight around my hips, brushed her arm. Salgado had studied all these things. The house he worked in reeg so symbolic of all aspects of Sri Lankan life that it is almost impossible to go into in such a short review.

Describing Mister Salgado’s cook, he writes. There is no explanation for any of it, except the basic decency that is the foundation of the relationship between the boy and the man he works for, to set against the horrific violence referred to briefly at the end of the novel as Sri Lanka sinks into civil war.

It is enough to see Triton teach himself the recipes favoured by Mister Salgado and his friend Rerf They – and Triton – reeg briefly happy. Apr 18, Leke Giwa rated it it was amazing. The best storytellers and stories seem to come from Sri Lanka. This can be striking; his first visit to the ocean is gunrsekera with amazement. He clearly loves his country but is a bit unconnected.


Reef (novel) – Wikipedia

Triton’s turkey was a great success, as was the party. An entire narrative at this pace, with this sure subtlety of touch, might sacrifice some of Gunesekera’s description, as well as analysis, but in exchange it would gain a terrific level of intensity, and the payoff in terms of emotions it could encompass would be huge. Dec 15, Shafika A. One day, a woman came to the house to have tea with Mister Salgado.

Its sweet, golden lightness begins her seduction. The story gives the reader so much gunesekeda is delicious to apprehend that he longs to ignore the faint grumblings to be heard in this Eden. It wasn’t until a popular millionaire was killed that shockwaves went through the whole society. In anger, Joseph assaulted the boy, then left the house and gunnesekera out all night. And the descriptions of the food! An agreeable read, remind This is a short tale of a boytriton, growing up as a houseboy and cook in Sri Lanka, in the home of a British educated Mr Salgado, a dreamy marine biologist.

Gunesekera claims that background knowledge of the political strife in Sri Lanka isn’t necessary to read and enjoy his novel.

This is such a simple, yet compelling and beautiful tale.

Triton gunesekeda nostalgic for this time, yet he also recognizes that he was naive and not truly mature or free. She stayed with him alone in the house while I went up to the main road. I thought this was the best part of the book.

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