Resolution. By greengecko. Rating: 15+; Chapters: 83; Reviews: 1,; Views: , Sequel to Resonance and Revolution. Harry enters his second year as . NOT MINE- Just wanted to read the rest of the story. its still being updated on You are viewing a story from Sequel to Resonance and Revolution. Unresolved events in Harry’s childhood haunt him, as do the alternative paths his life could have taken.

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Resolution (Resonance, #3) by GreenGecko

All related data, including stories, reviews, etc. New Reviews New Chapters: My Stories New Chapters: This Story New Chapters: All Stories New Chapters: On the Coast Harry enjoys a normal family holiday to recover from recent events. Yielding Harry visits Ollivander’s in search of a new wand.

Nineteen Years Harry’s nineteenth birthday. Battle in Darkness Harry has a dangerous shift of field shadowing. Personal Peril Wedding plans and an old threat grows more serious. Rabbit Hole Harry has a tiff with Tonks that clouds his judgment. Edge of a Dream Harry recovers from his odd journey. Trials Harry gives evidence in the Vampire trial.

Fortune Favors Snape gets wed. Crux of Evil Harry hunts down the horcruxes of Hogwarts. Adopted Destiny Harry completes a task left resoluhion by a dead Harry Potter.

Guard Duty The Ministry tries to protect Harry. Chafing Harry tries to figure out how to get out from being guarded all the time. What May Dreams Harry determines why he is having such bad dreams. Halloween Friends Harry catches up with his friends at a party. Reserve Rescue Harry rescues Snape from the Ministry dungeon.



Secrets Small and Large Harry tells Tonks about his powers. A Surfeit of Fathers Snape’s fortieth birthday. Twenty Years Later, Part 1 Snape concedes to giving his family a present on his birthday. Twenty Years Later, Part 2 Harry seeks out his parents. Worth a Weight of Gold Aaron goes missing.

Ransom of Red Twin Harry ransoms his fellow apprentice. Exchanging Glances Aaron recovers from his ordeal while Harry feels less like himself. Ensnared by a Ruse Harry plays Dumbledore to the alternative universe Ginny.

Tangled Threads Harry goes in search of his adopted father. Deceptive Devices Harry goes to find Snape in the other Plane. Grreengecko Harry finds even more trouble.

Prison sans Bars Harry has dinner with the warden. The Eve of Something Snape visits Harry in prison. Corruption Snape begins scheming and gets Tonks to assist him.

Ace in the Hole Ginny leaves home. Guilty Conscience Tonks follows Snape’s instructions to free Harry. Free Bird Harry is released from prison.

Asics Resolution Top Green Gecko

Substitute Heroes Harry stays overnight in the alternative Plane where Snape is trapped. Precipitous Plots Harry sets up his next moves. Bad Press Harry meets with the gang. Out with the Old The Daily Prophet is sold. On Guard Harry does another job for the criminal gang. Breach of Faith Harry does some work for the twins.

Deeds and Plots Harry convinces Belinda to tell him about Percy. Slumbering Shadows Harry seeks out the freedom of the prophecy dimension. Newborn The littlest Snape arrives. Safekeeping The new baby comes home. Restless Renegade Harry struggles to find purpose. Vaults Harry sneaks into Gringott’s Bank. Old Magic Harry takes a tour of the French wizard prison. Magical Mercury Harry goes to interrogate Percy a second time. Insinuation Harry’s friends begin to take action.


Ensnared, Part 1 Harry traps the head of the criminal gang. Ensnared, Part 2 Harry tangles with Grindelwald in the formerly peaceful universe. Ensnared, Part 3 Harry goes for a midnight stroll in Hogsmeade. Return to Godric’s Hollow Harry rejoins the Auror program. Recruiting Darkness Harry blackmails Fudge.

Valiant Excision Harry reaches the breaking point. Renascence Harry recovers at home. Coming Home, Part 1 Snape submits Harry to tests. Coming Home, Part 2 Harry is woken in the middle of the night to help Arcadius. Dueling Tournament Harry and family take the train to London.

Mission Harry removes Belinda’s Mark. A Glimmer of a Future Harry arrives on the first part of his mission.

Tormented Souls Snape and his allies close in on Harry. Full Circle Harry meets Grindelwald again in battle. Broken Silence Arcadius displays a new magical ability. Healing Harry grows new fingers. Sealing the Past Harry makes a gift for Hermione. Ensuing Invitation Harry insists on following Snape to Hogwarts for the full moon.

Dueling Honor Harry challenges his Auror trainer to a duel. Shore Up The family takes a seaside holiday. Scars Harry has field work with his trainer. Full Moon Harry tries to reach the Australian visitor before she transforms. Twentieth Harry’s twentieth birthday party. Date Harry invites the Slytherin Seeker out on a date. Snake Lord Harry cannot resist visiting his counterpart again.

Innocent Magic Harry celebrates Suze’s birthday. Love Life The morning after.