Graceful Submission [Melinda Barron] on After the main story, there is an added short story called Graceful Mischief which has menage in it, and. On their third Halloween together, Toffer and Grace are in England, where Toffer is filming a movie about Arthur and the Knights of the Round. Graceful Submission (Graceful, book 1) by Melinda Barron – book cover, description, publication book cover of Graceful Submission Graceful Mischief.

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The woman is full-figured, which many sub’s are, and she’s determined to be brave. If you want the “creep gets what he deserves,” you will get that too!!! Melibda 01, Jennifer rated it liked it. Hidden underneath her beautiful new dress is the sexy corset her Master bought in London a few days earlier.

I read the whole series in a week. He takes bagron on a sexual journey full of bondage and submission, which give her strength to overcome challenges in her own work. WOuld that be the word?

Graceful Mischief – Melinda Barron – Google Books

But gracefkl what he has in mind, even if Grace loses, she wins. Grace is a teacher and Toffer is a hot Hollywood star. He has trouble meeting women that fit him, especially since he’s a Dom and with being famous it’s hard to let women in on that and not have them go to the press with the news.


If he catches her, she’s awarded the trick, and he gets to have his way with her in the maze. So, she’s 40 pounds overweight and most of that weight is in her chest? I mean, how easy is it to climax ,elinda by sticking a candle up your? I believe that the story would take place around what each character isthe story would blend in with the characters because the characters aren’t supposed to change well not overnight anyway.

Graceful Series by Melinda Barron

I also loved that the heroine was a “plus sized” woman. He wants one woman. Kimberly rated it it was amazing Kelinda 03, Thankfully, Toffer is there to take her mind off of things. Toffer is determined to have Grace see him as Toffer not the TV star Drake, and he takes Grace on a sexual journey of discovery which adds to her self-confidence.

There was a hint of naughtiness to Toffer who even though he is a Dom, does have a vulnerability that Melinda Barron beautiful taps into in this story.

Definitely give this one a read. May 26, Marianne rated it really liked it Shelves: I think Melinda Barron just became one of my favorite authors: I read the whole series in a week. This had a great story to go with it, not just the steamy scenes. First, the two characters, Grace and Toffer are just to damn lovable. Be a good girl. Good book, really enjoyed it at the beginning but miscihef end was too rushed.


This book was well written with no errors in grammar of spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. graveful

Author: Melinda Barron

That is the reason when she changed over night from what i just described into a very good submissive companion wasto mevery surprising. I enjoyed this book. She’s thrilled to be meeting her Master, until she realizes that he’s the most gorgeous man in Hollywood. Ashil rated it it was amazing Dec 10, Lovey rated it liked it May 05, He did break a trust and I can’t really condone it.