Syllabus for GPAT Paper. Pharmacology of drugs acting on Central nervous system, Cardiovascular system, Autonomic nervous system, Gastro intestinal. GPAT results are announced!!!! Click here to know your result!! For GPAT material, stay tuned to this site after NIPER-JEE [ ]. The GPAT question paper will consist of one hundred fifty ( Nos.) a candidate’s aptitude and knowledge of Pharmacy subjects and applied subjects ( as per the syllabus given in.

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If precipitate is obtained, tannins are present.

Reactors and fundamentals of reactors design for chemical reactions. Violet or pink color is formed, if proteins are present. Carminatives, demulcents, protectives, adsorbents, astringents, digestants, enzymes and mucolytics.

GPAT Exam Paper Pattern & Time Table | GPAT | Exam & Results

To a little of each extract taken in dilute hydrochloric acid in a watch glass, few drops of the reagent was added, formation stllabus cream colored precipitate shows the presence of alkaloids.

Cardio-vascular disorders- Hypertension, Congestive heart failure, Angina, Acute myocardial infarction, Cardiac arrhythmias.

Definition, objectives of size reduction, mechanisms of size reduction, factors affecting size reduction, laws governing energy and power requirements of a mills including ball mill, hammer mill, fluid energy mill. Transition elements and their compounds of pharmaceutical importance, Iron and haematinics, mineral supplements; Cationic and anionic components of inorganic drugs useful for systemic effects; Topical Agents: Theory of filtration, continuous and batch filters, filter aids, filter media, industrial filters including filter press, rotary filter, edge filter, etc.

The form should be handled with care. Nomenclature, isomerism, stereoisomerism, conformational and configurational isomerism, optical activity, specification of configuration, Reactions involving stereoisomers, chirality, conformations; Stereoselective and stereospecific reactions; Structure, Nomenclature, Preparation and Reactions of: Utilization of aromatic plants and derived products with special reference to sandalwood oil, mentha oil, lemon grass oil, vetiver oil, geranium oil and eucalyptus oil.


Eligibility for IIT M.

GPAT 2012 Exam Paper Pattern & Time Table

Sources’ of Information on drugs, disease, treatment schedules, procurement of information, Computerized services goat. Pelzar, Presscott Clinical Pharmacy: Few mg of the residue of each extract was taken separately in 5 ml of 1.

Micromeretics and Powder Rheology: Drugs Acting on the Respiratory System: Entrance Exams – Education and Career in India.

Industrial dermatitis, Accident records etc. Infectious Diseases- Tuberculosis, Urinary tract infections, Enteric infections, Upper respiratory infections. ICH Guidelines for stability testing of formulations.

Precipitation techniques, The colloidal state, Supersaturation, Co-precipitation, Post-precipitation, Digestion, washing of the precipitate, Filtration, Filter papers and crucibles, Ignition, Thermogravimetric curves, Specific examples like barium sulphate, aluminium as aluminium oxide, calcium as calcium oxalate and magnesium as magnesium pyrophosphate, Organic precipitants; Non-aqueous titrations: The test is employed for digitoxose containing glycosides. This reagent was prepared by dissolving Conversion of polysaccharides to glucosephosphate, Glycolysis, fermentation and their regulation, Gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis, Metabolism of galactose and galactosemia, Role of sugar nucleotides in biosynthesis, and Pentose phosphate pathway; The Citric Acid Cycle: Roult’s law, phase diagrams, volatility; simple steam and flash distillations, principles of rectification, Mc-Cabe Thiele method for calculations of number of theoretical plates, Azeotropic and extractive distillation.

Pest management and natural pest control agents, Plant hormones and their applications, Polyploidy, mutation and hybridization with reference to medicinal plants. The test tube was shaken for few minutes.

Chemical Test posted Jul 22,8: Study of various types of Crystallizers, tanks, agitated batch, Swenson Walker, Single vacuum, circulating magma and Krystal Crystallizer, Caking of crystals and its prevention. World-wide trade in medicinal plants and derived products with special reference to diosgenin disocoreataxol Taxus sps digitalis, tropane alkaloid containing plants, Papain, cinchona, Ipecac, Liquorice, Ginseng, Aloe, Valerian, Rauwolfia and plants containing laxatives.

Consequences of light absorption, Jabolenski diagram, Quantum efficiency; Chemical Kinetics: Nitrogen balance, Biosynthesis of amino acids, Catabolism of amino acids, Conversion of amino acids to specialized products, Assimilation of ammonia, Urea. A saturated aqueous solution of picric acid was employed for this test. Basic Concepts of Pharmacotherapy: The organic layer is separated to which ammonia is added slowly. Antacids, Anti-secretory and Anti-ulcer drugs, Laxatives and anti-diarrhoeal drugs, Appetite Stimulants and Suppressants, Emetics and anti-emetics, Miscellaneous: Basic concepts and definition, wet bulb and adiabatic saturation temperatures, Hygrometric chart and measurement of humidity, application of humidity measurement in pharmacy, equipments for dehumidificat4ion operations; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: Is there any exam for getting scholarship for M.


To check the presence or absence of primary and secondary metabolites, all the extract were subjected to battery of chemical tests. Organization and structure of retail and whole sale drug store-types of drug store and design, legal requirements for establishment, maintenance and drug store-dispensing of proprietary products, maintenance of records of retail and wholesale, patient counseling, role of pharmacist in community health care and education First aid, communicable diseases, nutrition, family planning.

Neurohumoral transmission in the C. To this solution, was added 1 ml of concentrated sulphuric acid from the side of the inclined test tube, so that the acid formed a layer beneath the aqueous solution without mixing with it. Introduction, types of additives used in formulations, vehicles, stabilizers, preservatives, suspending agents, emulsifying agents, solubilizers, colors, flavors and others, manufacturing packaging, labeling, evaluation of clear liquids, suspensions and emulsions official in pharmacopoeia; Semisolid Dosage Forms: Historical development of plant tissue culture, types of cultures, nutritional requirements, growth and their maintenance.

Brief introduction of genetic organization of the mammalian genome, alteration and rearrangements of genetic material, Biosynthesis of DNA and its replications; Mutation: