Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: A Political Perspective on Culture and Terrorism. Mahmood Mamdani. Department of Anthropology and. U. MAHMOOD MAMDANI. Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: A Political Pers on Culture and Terrorism. ABSTRACT The link between Islam and terrorism became a. Mahmood Mamdani’s Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold. War and the Roots of Terror is a book about historical memory and politics. Mamdani hopes.

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Official America has a habit of not taking responsibility for its own actions. Terrorism is not a cultural residue in modern politics. That initiative was called the Marshall Plan. Instead of dismissing history and politics as does culture talk, I suggest we place cultural debates in historical and political contexts. Afghanistan was a brutalized society even before the present war began.

After that, it seems they just conform to culture. Take, for example the politics of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida, both of whom claim to be waging a Jihada just war against the enemies of Islam? Do you convince others of the validity of your truth or do you proceed by imposing it on them? By doing so, we broaden the bounds of lived community, and of lived humanity. By including those previously excluded, we give those previously alienated a stake in things.

Culture Talk Is our world really divided into two, so that one part makes culture and the other is a prisoner of culture? The Spectatora British weekly, carried a lead article a few weeks ago that argued that the link was not with all of Islam, but with a very literal interpretation of it. A student of mine gave me a series of articles written by the Pakistani academic and journalist, Eqbal Ahmed, in the Karachi-based newspaper, Dawn.


I feel I am reading of people who are said not to make culture, except at the beginning of creation, as some extraordinary, prophetic, act. We are now told to give serious attention to culture. I would like to conclude with the question of responsibility.

Good Muslim, Bad Muslim by Mahmood Mamdani | : Books

After all, is there not less and less talk of the clash of civilizations, and more and more talk of the clash inside civilizations? America was built on two monumental crimes: Some may object that I am presenting a caricature of what we read in the press. We must not only learn to forget, we must also not forget to learn.

When I read this, or something like this, I wonder if this world of ours is after all divided into two: It is my own construction, but it is not a fabrication. Just as, in another context, the Israeli intelligence created Hamas as an alternative to the secular PLO. Perhaps no other society paid a higher price for the defeat of the Soviet Union than did Afghanistan. How do you make sense of politics that consciously wears the mantle of religion?

But now the CIA was determined to create one. The object of spreading fear was to paralyze government. Could it be true that an orthodox Muslim is a potential terrorist?


Conclusion I would like to conclude with the question of responsibility. Thereby, it hoped to contain the influence of the Iranian Revolution as a minority Shia affair.

Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold War, and the Roots of Terror

An African Perspective on Contemporary Terrorism Eqbal Ahmed writes of a television image fromof Ronald Reagan meeting a group of turbaned men, all Afghani, all leaders of the Mujaheddin. Both consider the world beyond a sea of ignorance, one that needs to be redeemed. What is the link, many seem to ask, between Juslim and terrorism?

Always, the idea was to leave a few to go and tell the story, to spread fear. Instead, it habitually looks for a high muslkm pretext for inaction. The Nixon Doctrine had been forged towards the closing years of the Vietnam War but could not mus,im implemented at that late stage – the doctrine that “Asian boys must fight Asian wars” – was really put into practice in Southern Africa. The Bin Laden family is a patron of scholarship.