Gonsar Rimpoche, rabten choeling centre des hautes etudes tibetaines. likes. Not a official Dudjom Rinpoche 3rd Sangye Pema Shepa fan site. Tutor/. His Eminence the 5th Gonsar Rinpoche is the present incarnation in the line of Gonsar Tulkus, who are well-known as practitioners of the. The Venerable Gonsar Rinpoche was born in Shigatse, Tibet in When he was three years old he was recognized as the fifth incarnation of the Gonsar.

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Instead, it would be better to pursue some very concrete activities with one’s body or speech in order to create something useful and tangible. Ribpoche is the reason why Buddhism emphasises ignorance as the root of all mistakes. Whether we experience happiness or suffering is determined by our type of behaviour and not by the philosophy we follow.

But right view alone is not enough: The experience of happiness and suffering is dependent upon the causes of happiness and suffering.

We often experience these. I hope this helps and was what you were looking for. Currently our mind is never calm: In he began translating Geshe Rabten’s teachings into English for Western students.

Thus, practicing ethics only makes sense in relation to the beings.

A Tribute To H.E. Gonsar Tulku Rinpoche | Dorje Shugden and Dalai Lama – Spreading Dharma Together

The old woman that had led the first Gonsar Rinpoche to his house in Sera college came to be known as an emanation of Palden Lhamo the protectrin mother Goddess. And this is what is called ignorance. The ultimate goal that we pursue is the state of full enlightenment Samyaksambodhi.


Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. This way of looking at things does not correspond to our usual, spontaneous way of thinking; rather, we usually believe that the causes of our happiness and sufferings are somewhere out there.

A Tribute To H.E. Gonsar Tulku Rinpoche

Sometimes having an image of a deity can disturb tonsar people’s minds because they do not know who the deity is. Due to such a view, there is the danger to develop fanatic sectarian views.

Thus, they are the central point rjnpoche Dharma. Just like a dictator, you decide on your own. Teaching there for more than thirty years and frequently showing supernatural powers, he was greatly cherished by the population and almost all of the contemporary masters of Mongolia became his disciples. Sign up for our mailing list.

The 7th Khangser Rinpoche Thupten Thank you for the answer, just to check; does that mean that if I have a Chenrezig initiation I may visualize as Chenrezig and then do the visualization of rinpocue lights from my own heart?

This can be any deity initiation in which you are given permission to generate oneself as the meditational deity. Dorje Riinpoche practice was very much a part of the Sakya lineage.

The address of the centre is:. On the days when everyone took precepts, lunch was the only meal of the day and it was supposed to be over by noon. If we are to follow the path of meditation, we need a qualified master. Thank you for the patience. We can look for the enemy in this concrete person whom we consider as enemy, and to whom we reacted so spontaneously with anger, irritation and dislike for as long as we want, but we cannot find him anywhere. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong.


You have lost so many people who would have loved and supported you. Such a person can be with anyone, go rinpocbe, use anything, but nothing will really bring happiness and contentment. For those who are rinpocje close to us, we are “you”.

Such changes are always occurring. Ever since the Venerable Geshe Gonnsar passed away inGonsar Rinpoche, after spending thirty-three years as his closest disciple, has continued his master’s activities.

The 1 st Gonsar Rinpoche lived during the lifetime of the 7th Dalai Lama. When he was three years old he was recognized as the fifth incarnation of the Gonsar lineage and was confirmed as such by HH the Dalai Lama.