William Bramley, author of one of the most popular books on ancient astronaut theory, Gods of Eden, has given an exclusive interview for the readers of. Gods of Eden by William Bramley, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. There is also an unauthorized Spanish-language edition of The Gods of Eden that has been made available as a PDF on the internet. I do not know who.

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The view you put forward in your book is that extra-terrestrials have always played a very sinister and controlling role in human history, for example, through their involvement in the Black Death in Europe and by influencing wars and other major political events.

This is the account of the discovery of a skull that has the potential to change what we know about human evolution, and a suppression and cover-up which followed. The Indian Sage who developed Atomic Theory 2, years ago. Site powered by Weebly. Bramley shows how Brotherhood organizations often support both sides in a war, providing funding and political or religious cover.

Its purpose is to restrict thinking, to make slaves of men and to act as a cause of war, the better to keep mankind in bondage to fear and material distress.

It seemed like we were about to enter the Age of Aquarius. I don’t entirely believe some of the things that he states when it comes to dispelling science but many of the historical context of his research is pretty convincing.

I certainly don’t agree with all of the author’s concl A lot of this material will be familiar to fans of the ancient astronaut theory and its various offshoots. How is this inhumanity throughout human history to be explained? Are you a member of any religious, spiritual, or fraternal organizations? Like most histories, the book is dry, but I found it extremely fascinating.


The weakness in using indirect methods is that you must usually appeal to the best in people to get them to do the stupid and destructive things that you want them to do. But recently I decided to read the whole book again, and this time I realized I had not fully appreciated the high level of research with references, bibliography and Index as well as the original reasoning and conclusions of this book which has since become a classic of this genre.

The truth is, one can successfully take responsibility for oneself and for one’s fellow humans from exactly where one is without greatly disrupting one’s life or livelihood. It is saying, “Yes, there may actually be some truth to the belief in non-human intervention, but it’s only today that we can truly start to understand it because of our own advances in knowledge.

This book was well done and did a good job of pointing out the machiavellian nature of our society through history and the history of a “brotherhood” i.

By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings. Still a lot of fun. Art and Culture of their Own. The Gods of Eden Have alien “gods” been manipulating humans into warring with silliam throughout human history?

Gods of Eden by William Bramley

The Brotherhood’s desire to raise humanity to higher spiritual awareness can be traced to one of the Custodians, who did not agree that the human race should be slaves.

I do not know who translated it, and I cannot vouch for its quality or accuracy. However, some scientists are taking a new look at these remedies because some are believed to I am pleased that Avon has made it very inexpensive and easily available, and I am proud to be published by them.


The Custodians were opposed in ancient times by a Brotherhood, whose symbol was the snake it was a snake who urged Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge.

The Gods of Eden

These things are not always weapons. Dec 23, Nanette rated it liked it Shelves: You might be interested esen my reviews of these books: Edrn it time to completely rethink the theological premises which have so greatly influenced European civilization?

Anyway, the history in this book droned on, bringing in the Freemasons and Rosicrucians and the rest of the secret societies, linking them to aliens. The book is extensively footnoted and has a lengthy bibliography.

Digging a bit, I learned that the willima William Bramley is a pseudonym is a former Scientologist, and the influence of that “religion” is evident throughout the book. More information about text formats. A near perfect text that delves into the hidden history of humanity. A major discovery has just been made in Gobustan, Azerbaijan – a rock carving of a game board that is believed to be one of the oldest that has ever been found.

He starts with the creation theories based on mythologies and religions and gradually builds up towards nowadays, showing the connections between historical events, presenting facts and evidence and how manipulation throughout the history of humanity has led to wlliam, divisions between people, wars and deliberate diversion from reality.