Hence, a rebranding was again necessary to restore the brand image of the previous phase. Hritik Roshan was signed up by Cinthol for its new. In , Godrej filled its logo with colours to convey the vibrancy and in a massive global rebranding push) the key is to make brand identity. That’s the question Godrej must have asked itself before going for its affected by the rebranding: “In markets such as Indonesia, Argentina.

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However, the popular imagery quickly overshadowed the premium imagery. What to leave out A s much as improving its listening skills have worked, what has helped Godrej Industries and in a way the Group, is the ability to define the core of each of its businesses and processes.

Godrej goes for rebranding to connect with youth – The Hindu BusinessLine

Brand and logo re-inventions don’t rrebranding cheap. Cities were renamed, liberals were shouted down and vegans found their voice. Find this comment offensive? Some use a scalpel, others a butcher’s cleaver. It seemed a particularly inauspicious time to be re-inventing the wheel on brand personality.

It really depends on the lifecycle of a product or service. It can be as simple as a unique color, type treatment, or even a symbol.

From customer care centres to sim card packets and sales executives, everything was turned into red, overnight! Subscribe to our Newsletter.

The logo being what it is, rebrandijg face of the company is usually the first to go under the design surgeon’s knife. T he group has gained from listening to outsiders. The black color in the new logo stands for solidity and premiumness while the Red gives a feeling of energy, passion, and confidence. How Godrej is writing a new story Last updated on: NSE unveils new logo, sheds brown, takes on shades of marigold at As a result of the reinventing efforts, Cinthol got itself digitally connected with the youth.


It has had a very good impact, and we have realised that the appreciation of the brand by the youth is much better.

After all, perhaps more telling than these individual decisions made in the confines of a brand’s headquarters be it Atlanta or Noida, is the deepening gorge of the consumer’s interest in the manner in which a company chooses to express itself through its aesthetic strategy.

Most of all, listening helped in correcting Godrej’s corporate image. A programme called ‘Bedharak Bolo’ topped off by an annual award initiated eggs employees to speak their minds at the meetings, including upcountry young managers who might hesitate in a corporate environment. This article is closed for comments.

Godrej Group unveils new brand identity & strategy

We have heard of the infusion of young blood, both family and non-family, we have seen its concentrated acquisition spree, witnessed its rebranding and most recently, injection of private equity by Temasek. The launch of GoJiyo a Second Life kind of a social networking website sometime back was a strong push towards catching and engaging younger consumers. Just the way people express themselves through what they wear; a product or service is also judged by the colour it wears.

When brands are created, they have an objective and purpose which were resonant to the environment at that time. Once you are 18 we promise gorej show you this content but not till then! When watching our favourite shows on TV, most of us usually just skip through the numerous ads that come in between.


9 Rebranding Campaigns That Changed The Fate Of These Popular Brands

In the absence of brand reinvention, even the strongest brands have succumbed to death. Unilever This is one of my favorite rebrands because it not only works not just on an intellectual level, but on an emotional one as well. The other element that drives Godrej Group’s new strategy is what not to accept in rebranxing partnership. Pink and orange evoke certain taste-buds and are generally great for creating a multi-sensorial experience just through colour.

Now its logo has just as much personality as its brands, It is literally made up of illustrations meant to signify Unilever’s portfolio of products. If the brand fails to create distinction in form or shape or typographyit would get lost in the red ocean.

Modi regime is spending more on material component, less on labour, so people are not benefited, says CP Joshi A multi-stake partnership to equip adolescents and youth for the job market is taking shape, with Unicef as The dated typeface and rigid abstract form looked like two upwards arrows. W hile the changes backstage will take time goddej reflect in terms of bottom line results, both Mitra and Tiwari tell that the efforts are bearing fruit.

GoJoiyo has also impacted consumer perception and intent to buy Godrej brands positively. It has also gained stickiness with 12, Facebook fans.

If earlier, the Group was an operation-centric entrepreneurial powerhouse, it now needed to be brand-centric. The number of smartphones increased from nearly none to 80 million.