gnugk [-hdrt] [-c filename] [-s section] [-l n] [-b n] [-u name] [-d name] [-rr] [-o filename] [–pid filename] [–core A detailed explanation can be found in the manual. /etc/default/gnugk /etc/ /etc/init.d/gnugk /usr/sbin/addpasswd /usr/ sbin/gnugk /usr/share/doc-base/gnugk-manual /usr/share/doc/gnugk/changelog. Open Phone Abstraction Library (OPAL) is a C++ multi-platform, multi-protocol OpenH This project has been superseded by OpalVoip Rocket.

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GNU Gatekeeper – Manual Chapter 7

The gatekeeper can automatically detect whether an endpoint is behind NAT. In this section you may configure endpoints that don’t have RAS support or that gnugl don’t want to be expired.

You’ll have to manula it a little to fit your needs. To the best of our knowledge, the GNU Gatekeeper Project has a valid license for all its releases, but users making derived versions of this code must ensure that they have a valid license before enabling those features. PrintNeighbors Print a list of all neighbor gatekeepers with IP numbers and state. You can optionally also set the numeric H. Trace Set the status interface output trace level.

DisconnectSession [session id] Manuall Early versions were called the OpenH Gatekeeper. Default value is 1. A gatekeeper provides call control services to H. If that’s not what you want, you must interface to the gatekeeper through the status port and communicate with it via TCP.

If no alias is found that match the filter then all aliases are registered. The alias parameter is required, but if you gnugm a dash “-” as alias name, no alias will be set in the destination, just the IP. GWPrefixes] This section configures how dialed E. Show all people on the status port. It controls which messages are sent to mabual client: TransferCall ee-ab-8fdfe-ceec caller Peter. As additional parameter you can set the CLI for the caling party.


Beware – that’s the bleeding edge. Show all current calls using the same ACF syntax as in call establishment.

The default action is to reject the request. This switch is logically incompatible with round-robin. Disconnect all calls of a registered endpoint by one of its endpoint identifier. Route this call on a virtual queue to the specified alias.

The GNU Gatekeeper Manual Chapter 7

Gatekeeper based call transfer using TCS0 pause and reroute. The endpoint is then advised in the GCF to register with that gatekeeper. Entering help or h will display a list of all available commands. These parameters are defined: Interfacing external extensions If you don’t want to publish the source code to additional features, just publish the core functionality and interface to it through the status interface and keep the external part private.

This section lists all commands that you can issue to the status port manually or with an external application. Disconnect a call with given call ID. The format of status port event messages may be altered to reorder or include options not included in the standard output format. Please join the mailing list before posting. Show details of all registered endpoints.

GNU Gatekeeper – Manual

Forcefully unregister all registered endpoints. Forcefully unregister an endpoint by one of its aliases. Valid values for the transfer method are: Status port filtering facilitates control of the amount and type of output messages shown to the end user.


The call transfer works only with endpoints that properly support Q. UnregisterAlias Forcefully unregister manuual endpoint by one of its aliases.

The GNU Gatekeeper Manual Chapter 1

Reload Full Config reloaded. This alterate gatekeeper will only be used during maitenance mode.

You may specify predefined filters to be loaded when the status port starts. This allows the assigning of a gatekeeper based upon the HID or the apparent source IP address of the registering endpoint. Print the prefix capacities and current counter values for all endpoints or the specified alias. Find details of a registered endpoint by an alias or a prefix.

SQL has been configured, apply assignments to gateway registrations default. Filtering control is performed using the following set of commands:. The GNU Gatekeeper implements all of these functions and a number of additional features. You can also download executables for a number of operating systems from the download page. You can find the list archive here. Otherwise, subsequent calls will gnygk sent to gateways in round-robin fashion. This will force the EP to fully re-register if its IP address changes.