As to the book itself, the Glass Walker Tribebook for anyone who runs Werewolf the Apocalypse and has them in their party, it’s an invaluable tool. It’s written very . β€œAnd he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.” Source : Core book revised / 20th Anniversary Edition / Glass Walker Tribebook. For Glass Walker Gifts of all ranks, see All Glass Walker Gifts. Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift (Boli Zouhisze). The Boli Source: Glass Walker Tribebook (revised) .

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A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift. Difficulty should be set by Storyteller to reflect the elusiveness of the target. It is taught by either an ant- or bee-spirit. For the next day, any computer the Glass Walker uses β€” no matter how simple β€” becomes fully compatible with any other digital device, regardless of obstacles such as different operating systems, lack of physically compatible access ports, or even the complete absence of any means of receiving or interpreting a wireless signal.

The Storyteller determines the precise effects. The difficulty varies from base metals such as copper or lead at difficulty 6 to complex alloys such as steel or titanium alloy at difficulty 8. Money spirits teach the Gift. This Gift allows a homid to become more persuasive glaaswalker dealing with others, in such a way that his statements and arguments are imbued with added meaning or credibility.


Hands Full of Thunder Rank 2 Glass Walker Gift Many Glass Walkers regard the gun as the ultimate sign of the power of the modern age, and make pacts with the spirits to teibebook that their firearms do not become useless, primitive clubs in the midst of battle. As long as one success is rolled, the players of each character may formulate a detailed plan out of character, which both characters instinctually grasp simply from making eye contact.

While this Gift is active, the werewolf is guaranteed to always soak at least one level of damage, but otherwise takes damage normally. Whilst the urban jungle offers many new possibilities for the hunter, it also presents its share of difficulties. The player spends one Gnosis point glaeswalker receive an extra action. As usual, the character cannot spend more Rage than half of his permanent rating in one turn. With this Gift, the Glass Walker can see through the eyes of a glass spirit in a skyscraper window to pick out their prey from above.


They say the Glass Walkers worship their technology. Metal or Earth elementals teach this Gift.

While skunk-apes, Jersey Devils and mothmen are not common in cities, the knowledgeable Glass Walker can call forces of equal power with this Gift. This Gift is taught by any Weaver-spirit. Modularity Lite by Graph Paper Press. Initially a Random Interruption invention but now spread throughout the tribe, this Gift is both revered and reviled.

If successful, the target becomes cold and impersonal for as many turns as successes teibebook, thinking entirely with intellect and ignoring emotion. During this time almost no door or barrier can possibly stop the Glass Walker. A list of all Glass Walker tribe Gifts for Werewolf: Tribrbook rat-spirit teaches this Gift. It is taught by a dust, war, or water-spirit.

Werewolf Tribebook Glasswalkers : White Wolf Publishing :

An abandoned lot might be 5, a typical city building bathed in the smog of passing cars glzsswalker be a 6 or 7, while an oil spill site might be 9. The damage still applies to the object, however, and if the object is destroyed then any connection between the object and the opponent is destroyed with it. However, the plants can use artificial substances such as concrete and plastic for soil. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

It is taught by either an ant- or bee-spirit System: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

An electricity elemental teaches this Gift. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. High Pitch Transmitter Level 1, Gnosis 2 The ear of a wolf can hear sounds much, much higher than that of a human being. Each success allows one packmate to heal a number of health levels even aggravated equal to the number of successes rolled. If a hard mechanical number is needed, assume each minute is one turn. This Gift is taught by a Pattern Spider.


Difficulty should be set by Storyteller to reflect the elusiveness of the target. The effect of this Gift last one scene or function in the cases of extended renders and processes.

An urban elemental teaches this Gift. These may be gang kids, members of citizen vigilante groups, vicious cops, or even wild, diseased dogs. A technological spirit or war-spirit teaches this Gift. Each success heals one health level. The number of successes necessary depends on the encryption used on the message or connection that the character is trying to pierce. If a Corporate Wolf obtains your priceless Ming vase, you should be all right, but worry if they ever steal your car.

This Gift wreaks pure havoc in urban environments, as pipes burst and roads freeze. Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: This encryption can apply to either a single message one email or burst of data or to a connection such as might exist between two computers for a long download or chat-conversation.

Encryption created by ordinary mortal programmers requires one success to pierce; mundane encryption created by the top echelon of mortal programmers requires two successes to pierce. A character trying to break the encryption on a connection can treat the attempt as an extended test. She can order it to erase its memory, alter security clearances, transmit false data or simply print a document. Too many Garou are afraid of advancing beyond the limits of their bodies.

The target can choose not to resist, and you may target yourself.