Gitta Sereny, CBE (13 March – 14 June ) was an Austrian-British biographer, Into That Darkness (also following an initial article for the Telegraph. Into That Darkness has ratings and reviews. Orsodimondo said: LA ROUTINE DEL MALE E LA MANCANZA D’IMMAGINAZIONE Naturalmente. Based on 70 hours of interviews with Franz Stangl, commandant of Treblinka (the largest of the five Nazi extermination camps), this book bares the soul.

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Look at all the adult trees planted around it! Jul 09, Bryonny rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read more Read less. Hardly the most suitable CV for a death camp commandant. Together with a handful of former inmates this book offers a reconstruction of life and death in the Treblinka camp, which in four phases ddarkness ‘more manageable’ as some SS saw the tide turn in the East and realized the possible post-war dividends of small leniency. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The court thatt Stangl of war cr Franz Stangl was commandant at the Treblinka extermination camp during world war 2 and during his tenure he oversaw the murder of overpeople. There was no more time. Sereny’s intellectual and moral certainty is giitta and, for a modern reader, extraordinary.

His moral was slowly dissolving and neglect and indifference darknesd its place, and grew inside him from his work in the T4 program in Hartheim, followed by Sobibor, and continued to form the monster within him when he was transferred to Treblinka.

Gitta Sereny led us through our own darkness | Giles Fraser | Opinion | The Guardian

Similarly, she disambiguates two sets of terms that have been conflated over time: I think there is a valid comparison to be made between Thta one individual’s and the Vatican’s fundamentally another individual’s step-by-step acquiescence to increasingly terrible acts.

It sits uncomfortably with the total eradication of the camp’s physical remains after the uprising, complete with a Ukrainian farmer housed in the Gas chambers “I’ve lived in this brick farm for many years! The theme is the mass extermination of men, women and children. In the time since finishing it, I have found myself referencing this book constantly, and recommend it highly.


He said simply that the Nazis wanted the victims’ money. He had to explain to her that it wasn’t true – it was a protective measure – but she was never completely sure for the rest of her life. Born and initially raised darkkness Austria, she was the author of five books, including The Case of Mary Bell: Stangl, on the other hand, seems like a much more broken psyche perpetually at war with what he did; this makes him all the more frightening, because he’s far closer in mentality to people who were “just carrying out orders.

The book also studies thaat role the Vatican played in helping former Nazis to escape. Nov 27, Linda rated it really liked it. I’ve read countless books about the Holocaust and recently I started to question what my fascination is with the subject.

Well initially he could have switched to another assignment but then he would have been working for an SS official who he felt was out to get him.

Into That Darkness: An Examination of Conscience

An Examination of Conscience by Gitta Sereny. Hers was not a happy childhood. You cast the net wider, over his wife in Brazil and smaller fish such as former camp guards, either pensioned off into respectable anonymity or presently incarcerated. She wanted HIM to admit his guilt, not just hear him mouth the words.

Both husband and wife attributed the establishment of the state of Israel to the Serny.

I’ve just watched a documentary about Assad and his wife which contains further evidence of this disturbing phenomenon. Modellino del campo di concentramento di Sobibor.

About certain people that became victims. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Into That Darkness – an account of the life of Fritz Stangl, commandant of Treblinka, who escaped after the war and tnat arrested in Brazil inand became the only commandant of a death camp ever to have been interviewed by a journalist.


And apparently you can be recruited into T4 without the slightest inkling of what it entails. In this book, Gitta Sereny gets into the heart and soul of Franz Stengl, who was the commandant at Treblinka and, after eluding arrest in South American for 20 years was brought to justice by Simon Wiesenthal.

Trivia About Into That Darknes Oct 25, Tejas Janet rated it really liked it. This is a story that reminds us to be vigilant as human beings about staying conscious of the forces of bigotry and hatred and scapegoating that allow what are once small stirrings in everyone’s psyche to becoming cogs on the wheels of the machinery of incomprehensible brutality and evil.

The book is about the sequence of moral compromises Stangl made that resulted in his being at Treblinka. I don’t think this is the right forum to talk about Treblinka, but the book is a superb example of journalism. Write a customer review. We are responsible for the welfare of our fellow human beings.

Sereny wins his trust, and the portrait is fascinating. Stangl acknowledged that he was not a ‘regular’ church goer but always went on Easter and Christmas. How could he not have thought about it? His wife, when she found out he had joined the Nazi party, didn’t talk to him for weeks. What’s riveting about this book is that Stangl is an everyman.

Into That Darkness: An Examination of Conscience by Gitta Sereny

He evinced all along an extreme discomfort with what he was doing. Lingua Tertii Imperii Bloomsbury Revelations.

The extreme The most fascinating account of a twisted conscience I’ve ever read. Fascinated by the prisoner, she decided to make an effort to get to know him better, to delineate him more deeply.