Aside from the annotations which are often trivial and as partial as the book itself, the English translation, “History of the New World by Girolamo Benzoni”. The Milanese Benzoni journeyed to the New World in , visiting the Antilles, Central America, the west coast of South America, and Guatemala. His Historia. The Milanese Girolamo Benzoni published his Historia del mondo nuovo in fact that Benzoni reveals himself in his text as an unmistakable opponent of the.

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The History of the New World : Benzoni’s Historia del Mondo Nuovo

They are careful to point out that this eyewitness account provides valuable information about the New World, but they also demonstrate girolammo and why the History is not always to be trusted for its accuracy. Although the Milanese could have developed a grudge against many foreign interlopers, including the papacy, the French, the Florentines, the Ottomans, and the Venetians, among others, the Spanish were the worst.

The sensational atrocities of the Spanish certainly contributed to the monumental sales of Benzoni and Las Casas, and their firsthand accounts of the mistreatment of Indians probably fed antislavery sentiments. Notes on the Translation Every translation necessarily involves some interpretation, and this one is girplamo exception.

The ultra-philanthropists found Benzoni a welcome auxiliary, and foreign girollamo, all more or less leagued against Spain for the sake of supplanting its mastery of the Indies, eagerly adopted his extreme statements and sweeping accusations.

It did not spring into existence suddenly but was shaped by interactions between competing European groups in Europe and the Americas. Benzoni and the Early Modern Travel Narrative Gifolamo of the very little we know for certain about Benzoni comes from his first line: Although they were often agriculturalists, the settlement pattern in these regions was more dispersed, and communities could range from several dozen households to several thousand people.


It is difficult to judge just how successful he was at finding his riches. The book purported to present facts and girolaamo events that Benzoni himself had witnessed.

The History of the New World

Once in the Americas, the Caribbean served as a proving ground where conquistador companies developed methods that would help them better succeed in their ggirolamo conquests. Among the more populous and urban societies of Mesoamerica and the Andes, however, the imposition of Spanish authority frequently benefited from existing social and political structures.

Through the use of griolamo encomienda, individual Spaniards were allowed to demand labor—often for the mining of precious metals—and tribute from native subjects. In writing it, no standard of criticism was applied; this was not in the spirit of the times.

He definitely found it, traversing breathtaking surroundings, encountering tattooed and pierced natives, engaging in deadly battles, and barely surviving almost continual hardship.

Intrinsically, the book has small merit, except in as far as it presents and describes facts witnessed by the author. The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight. Search Search the Catholic Encyclopedia.

The History of the New World : Girolamo Benzoni :

Several editions were published in rapid succession; translations were made into English as well as into several other languages. Catholic Online School Free Catholic education for all. Catholic Online on YouTube Enjoy our videos. Controversy came to surround that Historia del Mondo Bsnzoni itself. Europeans were in the first throes of New World fever. Most Popular The End of the Year: Benzoni, while not unsuccessful in what he undertook, conceived an inveterate hatred of the Spanish people and Government and in return for the protection given him and for favors which he was compelled reluctantly to acknowledge, wrote and published a book of diatribes and accusations against Spain in America.


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Philip and Juana gave birth to a son, Charles, who became king of Castile and Aragon inand would be the first monarch to rule those territories with the title king of Spain. Far more copies of this behzoni edition are extant, suggesting a larger run.

Never Miss any Updates! Such views persisted in the sixteenth century in response to Spanish participation in the Italian Wars. He ultimately arrived in Spain inpenniless, exhausted, and full of stories. The California Network Inspiring streaming service.

Benzoni was translated into Dutch in In other cases, initial contact led to hostilities. Instead, Benzoni reports and assesses his experiences in straightforward prose. He packed his thousands of ducats and left, set to retrace his steps to Europe.

An edition by Admiral W. In imposing the burdens of tribute and forced labor, the Spanish frequently exempted indigenous elites, especially caciques local rulers. My email address is webmaster at newadvent. He spent fifteen years in the territories conquered and being exploited by giolamo Spaniards, travelling widely through the West Indies, Central America and South America, and visiting: