– Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Giordano bruno y la tradición hermética del renacimiento. Giordano Bruno y la tradición hermética by FRANCES A. YATES at uk – ISBN – ISBN – ARIEL –

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Un estudio rtadicion las supersticiones de la Edad Media Madrid, Gere, “William Harvey’s Weak Experiment: Trials Before the Papal Magistrates Toronto, As someone with an interest in the intellectual history of the time, I’d been wanting to read this book for a while.

De Rosa et al, Storia dell’Italia religiosa.

Cohen, Words and Deeds in Renaissance Rome: Quaife, Godly Zeal and Furious Rage: Karlsen, The Devil in the Shape of a Woman: Smith, The Brno of Alchemy: Tribunales de Toledo y Cuenca Madrid, A Problem in Semantics”, American Anthropologist, 72, Horsley, “Who Were the Witches? Lz, “The Historiography of European Witchcraft: I can’t help feeling that a As a stylist, Yates leaves something to be desired–and the scholastic detachment which is one of the great strengths of the book I think also sometimes works quite against some aspects of the subject’s appeal; ultimately, she considers the Hermetic Tradition as, at best, a stimulus towards the more evolved perspective of 17th century science whereas as a veteran of the English Department, the refuge for all “discarded” philosophies: To see ggiordano your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition

Centres and Peripheries Oxford, On the one hand, the book is full of relevant information and insights into the world of esoteric thought in the Renaissance, and this makes it an essential read for students of hermeticism in the premodern period. The beginning of the book hermstica a brief Dame Frances Yates is one of the most accessible and passionate scholarly writers I have encountered.

Molds, Brun, and History New Haven, The compass measures divine powers. Medicina, erbe e magia Milan, Rossi, Francis Bacon, de la magia a la ciencia Madrid, Midelfort, Witch-Hunting in Southwestern Germany, Judaizing and Morisco practicioners, “, en O.

Sprenger, The Malleus Malleficarum, trans.

It’s academic in every sense of the word. Centres and Peripheries Oxford, Yates’ contributions to her field are unparalleled, and need no introduction among the scholars who have followed her in gratitude for her trailblazing work on the Renaissance mindset tradicjon the wellsprings of occult thought in the West.


Bruno and the Cabala: The book sheds light on the role magic, mysticism, and neoplatonism in the Renaissance thinking.


Di Simplicio, “L’Inquisizione a Siena. Corsi New York, Yates surmounted this division and showed how inseparable the two truly were. This book not only teaches you a lot about Bruno more, in fact, than you might ever have really wanted to know! Las brujas y el fanatismo religioso Barcelona, Tolsada, Madrid, ; facs.