It’s called the GigaPower , and comes in an “Auto” and “Manual” variation. This stove is light, packable, durable, and cooks like a beast. For these reasons we. Perfect lightweight backpacking stove! It packs up into a very small size and works with many different brands of fuel. It is easy to light and adjust, is very stable. A compact, powerful and reliable backpacking stove, The Gigapower Manual packs the same trusted punch as the Gigapower Auto without the added weight of.

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The backpacking stove market is crowded these days. How does a stove stand out? For us, there msnual a few key elements: A backpacking stove should be flexible enough to boil water, cook a meal, fit gogapower in your pack, and work for years. The original manial has been the stove for lightweight backcountry chefs over the years, and Snow Peak released an update to the classic in This stove is light, packable, durable, and cooks like a beast.

For these reasons we have awarded the Snow Peak GigaPower 2. The backpacking stove that compares most closely to the GigaPower 2. Specifically, the Piezo ignition and the burner arms rotate slowly after use and bend quickly.

But when you purchase a stove it should work for a very long time. Learn about all the different manua types and how to make your decision in our Backpacking Stove Guideand read the full Snow Peak GigaPower review below. Snow Peak released the 2. Still an excellent pick for a backpacking stove! Our star rating system highlights the most important features for backpacking stoves and judges them based on our experience.

The weather in early October was surprisingly ideal — highs of 70 and lows in mxnual mids. Alpine lakes dotted the trail and while no big animals maanual sighted, a bald eagle soared overhead during a long day hike. And in order to cook said curry we needed three stoves and three pots. Two were used for boiling water and simmering down quinoa, while the main one was used to cook the curry mix — onions, bell peppers, coconut milk, and a handful of other ingredients, all prepared beforehand.

The GigaPower by comparison is a tiny backpacking stove.

It had no problem. We started the meal at a low simmer, which the GigaPower does well. You do have to be gentle with the valve, turning it very slowly, or it will shut off. But getting it down to a minimum flame is easy once you know that. The GigaPower kept an even, wide gigapoder and roasted the veggies into tender heaven.

Once boiled down, I added quinoa to the ginormous pot, increasing the overall load on the GigaPower, and in under 30 minutes dinner was served. Did I mention it was delicious? The GigaPower burner is not a manuaal, flat head that shoots its flame upwards like most other canister stoves. Instead, the flames come out of the sides of the stove in small, isolated chambers.

This difference in design makes it so the GigaPower rarely gets blown out by wind. It also means the flame is much wider than other stoves, mabual when a pot is placed on it. The GigaPower is as stable as a backpacking canister stove can gugapower. The gigapoqer pot supports. Most backpacking stoves have three pot supports, which work, but the extra one allows for better stability over a wider range of pot sizes. The pot supports also extend a decent amount outward and to the center of the stove, allowing small pots, medium pots, and extra large pots to sit with ease.


You can get this flame very low, but you do have to be sensitive when turning the valve. One of the people in our group tried to get it gigspower simmer quickly and promptly turned it off.

I re-lit it in a moment with the Piezo ignition and showed him how — simmer on, Garth. The GigaPower also excels during setup, but so do most small canister stoves. All you need for the GigaPower 2. The pot supports fold in with a simple press — fold two opposing ones first, then fold in the other two. This will let you store it in the included white box.

But after a few uses I got it down. If you ditch the box then the GigaPower is extremely easy to fold up, and gets fairly tiny. We camped just below the tree line in order to have a campfire at night.

The isobutane fuel used by the GigaPower and all canister stoves suffers at elevation and with temperatures under 32 degrees. We cooked in both conditions, but primarily above 32 degrees. All things considered, the boil time of the Snow Peak was sub-par, especially in the mountains.

It took roughly 10 minutes to boil a liter of water at our campsite using an MSR fuel can with a very light wind. It boiled water in four minutes 14 seconds, and came to a roil at the five-minute mark. This is on par with claimed times, but I could only achieve this time with Snow Peak branded fuel at sea level.

As mentioned, the durability of the GigaPower is legendary. One of the people in our group has the old version of the GigaPower, and has used it reliably for years. The Piezo still works, too.

Stoves are tricky in that their environment has a lot to do with how they perform. I was disappointed with the boil times of the GigaPower at elevation. On this trip there was a Jetboil MightyMo and a MSR Pocket Rocket 2 — both boiled water around the four-minute mark, as they claim, at the same elevation in the same wind conditions with the same pot.

I believe a stove should run equally well off any brand of fuel as long as the valves are the same, but the GigaPower performed significantly better with Snow Peak fuel back at home. If I bought this stove I would make sure to always bring Snow Peak fuel on my trips.

This water boiling issue may be a dealbreaker for some — and almost was for me. My second grievance is more of a nitpick, but a significant one.

Gigapower Stove Manual

Because of this, one person in our group twisted the GigaPower onto a fuel can and heard the gas running immediately, which is a waste of fuel and a hazard. I know better, and always turn the valve off again before screwing it onto a canister, but Snow Peak should really manufacturer the valve to line up perfectly in the off position.


The Snow Peak GigaPower stove allows you to make delicious backcountry curry, or pretty much any meal of your choosing. We tested the Snow Peak GigaPower 2. The main differences between the old and new version are a slight reduction in weight — about. The original was very durable as well.

The main way to tell these two apart, besides their unique product IDs, is the size and shape of the valve. The new GigaPower stoves have a rectangular valve that is short. The old GigaPower has a triangular shaped valve that is much longer. We actually prefer the longer valve for easy turning, but the new one has slightly finer control for simmering.

This difference is true on the Auto and Manual versions of the GigaPower. The Auto, which we tested, has a Piezo ignition for matchless lighting. The Manual does not have a Piezo. Finally, Snow Peak sells a nifty windscreen for the GigaPower stove. It fits on any GigaPower new, old, Auto, Manualand is designed brilliantly. We recommend it as well. Compare Snow Peak GigaPower prices below, and look for the new version by the size and shape of the valve. Daniel Zweier is Editor-in-Chief of Backpackers.

Snow Peak GigaPower Review 2018

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Overview Specifications Review Where to Buy. Summary Our star rating system highlights the most important features for backpacking stoves and judges them based on our experience.

We do not accept payments or gifts from brands and vendors, and strive to provide unbiased, independent advice. Brands typically provide review samples which we return, and in some bigapower we purchase the item so we can keep using gihapower long after the review.

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See Buying Options Welcome to Backpackers. We are a small, independent team writing gear reviews and useful outdoor guides. This is a low weight overall, but is a bit on the heavy side for canister stoves by an half an ounce or so.

More on backpacking stove weights in our Guide. The GigaPower screws into a can of isobutane fuel and uses it as its base.

More on backpacking stove types in our Guide.

Snow Peak Gigapower Manual Stove | Next Adventure

Isobutane is the most common backcountry fuel, and is often found in outdoor stores. More on backpacking stove fuel types in our Guide.

More on backpacking stove output and BTUs in our Guide. The GigaPower simmers very well due to a low flame capability and a unique burner head.