The son-in-law of the Carlo Delcroix of The Cantos, Giano Accame was a journalist and writer on politics and economics associated with the more progressive. Giano Accame. Translator’s note: Notes and quotations from English sources have been replaced with the originals; the author’s first name is supplied where. Giano. 0 references. date of birth. 30 July Gregorian. 0 references. place of birth · Stuttgart. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project · Italian Wikipedia.

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Contro L’usura Chapter 1: The New Age under Orage: In Wayne Pounds, a Pound scholar in Japan, published in the on line journal FlashPoint 11 segments of his translation of this work, but the translation is so faulty as to be nearly unintelligible, and often says the opposite of the original. The commonplace view is that economics is the exact opposite of poetry, not only because carmina non dant panem and the lives of the poets are, with some exceptions, associated accxme a destiny of meager profits at best mitigated by patronage; but also because economics as a subject is considered among the least poetic.

While he often wrote on economics, Accame became interested in E.

Calaméo – Giano Accame – I mistici di Elémire Zolla

It was only in the groveling age of usura and usuriocracy that literature was lowered to mean merely “belles lettres” and that the subject matter was gradually reduced to personal titillations. Did he consider Christians as his legitimate prey? Eden and Cedar Paul London: This poses for us the problem of the relationship between economics and poetry: Movimento Sociale Italianothe party which after the war inherited the legacy of Fascism.

The sympathies of the author are for Raskolnikov, the student assassin, who until the eve of the confession that will send him to Siberia refuses to believe it a crime to have “killed a vile, pernicious louse, a little old money-lending crone who was of no use to anyone, to kill whom is worth forty sins forgiven, who sucked the life-sap from the poor.

In order to pay his small army, the Cid made two Jews believe he had actually stolen the tribute and was prepared to pledge it in return for silver marks. The ambitious man needs it to gratify his ambition, the lover to serve his love. But sometimes their works blossom with poetic quotations. Though he did not parade it, Pound the heretic economist was the heir of Wilde, Ruskin and Morris.


The world is so regulated by the laws of Providence, that a man’s labour, well applied, is always amply sufficient to provide him during his life with all things needful to him, and not only with those, but with many pleasant objects of luxury. More than skeptical, he seemed to me indifferent. In so doing, he is able to call on illustrious literary predecessors. Bollati Boringhieri, xvii. By the evening of the same day he had been arrested, Fascism and the R.

Accame was also friendly with the brilliant painter Pablo Echaurren, who produced an inventive comic-strip life of Pound — reprinted in Echaurren, Vite di poeti Giano Accame [ – ] was the author of several works including Ezra Pound Economista: Cambridge UP, In England we find precedents of writers and artists actually invading the field of economics: George Allen, XVI. Balzac was the first to demonstrate boldly and fearlessly that money dovetails into the noblest, the finest, the most spiritual of feelings.

cacame For her, giao, there is not a word of compassion in all the novel. Just as Dante had done, he included the problem of money, of its falsification and of usury considered following a tradition that goes back to Aristotle as a crime against nature and against art. As if to confirm the greater communication between art and economics, the Pulitzer Prize was given to Vernon Parrington for his Main Currents in American Thought, a work structured by an “economic determinism” which saw American institutions as deriving from the liberal bourgeois revolutions of the Anglo-Saxon world.

In “The Meek One” the moneylender husband of the woman who has committed suicide is even an ex-official who has had to abandon his career because he refused to fight a duel. A common familial extraction unites the intolerance of Pound and Dante.

Is money to be gathered? Likewise economists and businessmen, for their part, are not at all disposed to have poets teach them their job, as Pound wanted to do.

In an article in the Meridiano di Roma for 27 August Pound insists on the liberty of the artist as comprising the right and duty to range where he chooses, even into economics, and he lists his predecessors: He spoke at some Pound events organised by the Right, but eventually befriended the more respectable scholarly set.

Pound thought the new waves of immigrants had perverted the healthy and creative America of the pioneers by bringing in usury, or at least a speculative mentality, an inordinate thirst for money. Morris also was considered an extravagant and an eccentric, if not actually like Pound a nutcase, for ecological ideas which were a century ahead of their time. Money acdame in these novels. accamd


At the bottom of the page Ruskin quotes from Proverbs xiii. Accame was on the staff of the conservative satirical weekly Il Borghesewhich published notes about Pound, and he continued to write for the press throughout sccame life.

RSI Giano Accame | | Flickr

Yet there are matters which I should have thought easy for her; say for example teaching Manchester how to consume its own smoke, or Leeds how to get rid of its superfluous black dye without turning it into the river. Balzac goes all the way with them. Out of coldness of heart, the narrator explains, Gobseck was more an atheist than a layman: The irruption of economics in the poetry of Pound will be even more insistent.

If all usurers are like this one, I think they all belong to the neuter gender. The economic historian Alexander Gerschenkron, whose debate with Rosario Romeo on industrial underdevelopment in Italy may be recalled, theorized the usefulness of Soviet fiction as a source of economic information, arguing that in the novels of socialist realism, despite their propagandistic intent, it was possible to glimpse certain truths which were concealed or distorted in the unreliable official statistics.

But even heavy usury does not offend the will of God as grievously as the appropriation of that fruit which makes the hearts of monks go mad with greed.

RSI Giano Accame

Mary de Rachewiltz Milan: The intuition that grasps them has no preferences or parti-pris. Ending in infantilism vide Mr. Just as Pound would do later, he made freedom from usury one of the conditions of beauty.

The other usury is thus sodomy, also ‘contra natura. The spokesman of the money economy was John Locke, whom Parrington cites: He hates our sacred nation, and he rails, Even there where merchants most do congregate, On me, my bargains, and my well-won thrift, Which he calls interest.

Although Pound never explicitly recognized this line of descent, we catch at least a nod towards it in an article in the Meridiano di Roma for 2 June Least of all can the artist forgo it; and Balzac, burdened as he was for a lifetime with debts, knew this from bitter experience.

Essays on Instability and Finance ] Turin: