Gerda Weissmann Klein. Gerda’s maturation takes place gradually throughout All But My Life, under the shadow of the Nazi regime. At the beginning of her. The All But My Life Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter Gerda Weissmann is a fifteen-year old girl who lives with her . The girls are taken to a hospital and it is there where Gerda meets Kurt Klein who asks her to. are thought to be impatient with all things foreign or uncool sat there in rapt attention, already transformed by her book, All But My. Life (Gerda Weissmann Klein.

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View all 3 weisamann. For her birthday, Gerda’s mother sells a valuable ring to present her daughter with the priceless gift of an orange. This was a favorite book from middle school.

Many Jewish people survived beucase they never gave up. Again and again I was struck with Gerda’s strength and hope something often pointed out by the people around her, even if she does not always recognize it in herselfso much so that I could understand why she never really succumbed to the belief that she would perish as so many others had.

Paperbackpages. I love that this starts out with her happy family, her brothers, her neighbors, her friends, such a simple life full of hope. But the gestures of warmth and help were unmistakable. This book would be another excellent alternative to The Diary of Anne Frank. They turned gefda each other in bloody battle, and usually both fell back lifeless to the earth.

I’m happy to have read this book at last. Maestros and Their Music. I don’t permit myself many Holocaust memoirs. I actually think the best part was at the end and her descriptions of the liberation–I was on an airplane and I couldn’t stop myself kife crying. Terda feel more human and life seems more precious. Why did we walk deliberately and obediently into their clutches? View all 19 comments. The strength that Gerda had through this long captivity with extreme cruelty and death around her is unreal.


We follow her straightforward, step by step account of the next six years—her path from labor camp to labor camp and then the horrendous death march over the Czech border to be finally rescued by American soldiers, one of which came to be her husband.

Her nineteenth birthday comes, bringing precious presents from her friends: She is not looking for pity. Modern Language Association http: Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

All But My Life: A Memoir by Gerda Weissmann Klein

Again she reminded us all to not take anything for granted and weissmajn ahead and enjoy “a boring evening at home”. She tells of her camps siters IllseLiesl and Suse none of whom survived-the last dying only moments after being liberated by American forces.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Through her memoryshe uses vast decriptive powers alk redraw the picture of what life was like in those harrowing years.

This would have been a nice addition.

All But My Life: A Memoir

When they invaded they tooks Jews klien, autmobiles, bicycles, and radios. What had we to lose? She didn’t know why because she was closer to her Maker at this point than ever.

It is likely that by the time my children are old enough to understand and appreciate this story, there will no longer be any survivors alive.


It was her father’s insistence on a warm June day that she take her winter sky boots with her that saved her during wrissmann forced winter march a few years later-many of the girls there died for lack of footwear.

I know why This is a beautiful memoir of a holocaust survivor. Feb 09, Sissy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I cried from beginning to end, because I knew the basics of her story.

Whenever I think my life is hard, or I feel overwhelmed, or even discouraged, I just remember the Holocaust. What she faced along with her friends and camp mates was what she tells us in this novel.

The author held on to life through memories of her family and the vow she made to her father to never give up on her life. She suffered a similar horror in the Rwandan Holocaust almost 50 years later. A shrill whistle blew through the peaceful afternoon.

All but My Life by Gerda Weissman Klein | : Books

Bit her comfortable home in Bielitz present-day Bielsko in Poland to her miraculous survival and her liberation by American troops–including the man who was to become her husband–in I have been lucky enough to know her, learn from her and be loved by her. Jun 04, Jennifer rated it really liked it. A couple profanities, and hardships at labour camps.