PDF | Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus) is one of the most popular ornamental flowers worldwide and used both as cut flower and potted. PDF | Gerbera jamesonii (gerbera) is an important cut-flower in the global floricultural industry. Micropropagation is the main system used to. PDF | In present research, the effects of light quality on micropropagation of gerbera were investigated. The MS medium containing 1 mg L-1 BAP and mg .

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Sterilized seeds were cultured on basal MS Murashige and Skoog, medium. Gerbera plantlets formed were transferred to soil with Formation of callus from explants tissues involves the development of progressively more random planes of cell division, less frequent specialization of cells and loss of organized structures Thorpe, ; Wagley et al.

In vitro establishment and plantlet regeneration of Gerbera jamesonii Bolus ex. Shoots and roots of chrysanthemum were developed on a single medium containing 1. Takayama and Misawa reported that medium containing 0. Ornamental plants and woody plant species are also propagated commercially by axillary bud proliferation Mantell et al.

Shoot formation was observed when capitulum explants were cultured on MS modified medium supplemented with 2. This callus gave the highest dry weight.

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Finally the seeds were rinsed 3 times with sterile distilled water. Callus is capable of forming adventitious roots. Direct organogenesis from mature leaf and petiole explants of Eryngium foetidum L.


Growth Optimization and Organogenesis of Gerbera jamesonii Bolus ex. High concentrations of cytokinin in culture medium were found to be unsuitable for micropropagatipn formation from leaf or petiole explants in some ornamentals.

Because genetic variability within the Gerbera genus is relatively limited, breeding potential for new flower colours and patterns as well as resistance to biotic or abiotic stresses is also limited Orlikowska et al. Successful in vitro propagation of ornamental plants is now being widely used in commercialization purposes.

BAP strongly enhanced regeneration of shoots in petiole explants of Gerbera jamesonii. Various explants have been used for direct shoot formation. This technology is being utilized commercially in the ornamentals industry and in other plant production organizations worldwide Chu, ; Huetteman and Preece, ; Mantell et al.

Micropropagation of Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus).

The combination of low concentration of cytokinin and auxin initiated propagation of Begonia species Reuter and Bhandari, These plant growth regulators were added to Murashige and Skoog medium in different combinations and micropropagztion.

The use of an in vitro adventitious bud technique for mutation breeding of Begoniaxhiemalis. However, in Gerberaaddition of charcoal is not necessary for rooting. The effect of cytokinin type and concentration and the number of subcultures on the multiplication rate of some decorative plants.

The study was conducted at laboratory B2. A revised medium for rapid growth and bio assays with tobacco tissue cultures. Genotype is one of the most influential factors on the response of gerbera in vitro. The lowest callus formation was obtained when root explant was cultured on MS medium supplemented with 3. Petiole segment was identified as the best micropropagarion for regeneration of this species.


Optimilization of Gerbera plantlet production from micropropaagtion capitulum explants. In Gerbera jamesoniiBAP was also required for the formation of callus. Factors affecting differentiation in vitro and mass propagation scheme for Begonia x hiemalis. Plant regeneration via direct organogenesis is much preferred over regeneration through somatic embryogenesis and callus culture Arockiasamy et al.

Effect of genotype and season on gynogenesis efficiency in Gerbera.

Gerbera micropropagation.

This species consists of many cultivars with variety of colors and shapes and they are popular commercial plants. Explants were obtained from 8-week-old aseptic seedlings.

Despite this, no successful universal protocol has yet been developed for multiple cultivars, limiting the usefulness of current protocols for commercial biotechnology labs. Organogenesis and histogenesis of adventitious organ induced on leaf micropropagatio segments of Begonia elatior hybrids Begonia x hiemalis in tissue culture. In vitro Culture of Higher Plants.