has ratings and reviews. Paul said: This was tedious postmodern whatever who cares experimental crap of the worst gh I would l. is one of those books that ought to be gimmicky but isn’t. It’s descriptions of people on a London underground train, all described. [Geoff Ryman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A cult classic in the making. is the novel about everyone you’ve ever met and.

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O eso o yo me he perdido algo. There are seven carriages on a Bakerloo Line train, each with 36 seats. Ryman’s ambitious AIDS-metaphor epic,approximates that experience, turning each of passengers on a capacity-filled London subway into the main characters of their own winding, internal stories, all fated to meet together in one horrible and broadly-telegraphed CRASH!

Nice with something different and although the book can be a little boring at times Geoff Ryman does manage to express something interesting and emotional through his concept. For the most part they are interesting, and an overarching narrative slowly appears.

With the driver, that makes I don’t mean to tell Ryman how to write, but women do not think how he thinks they do. Each section is words long.

I will have to look up Lust and The Child Garden, how exciting to find an author with so many more great books to try! The others were too self-aware, too “look at me and what I’m doing, aren’t I clever”.

Some of these are touching, some compelling, some fascinating, some incredibly disturbing. Thus, it is the discovery of the various individualities that make up the work, rather than the possibility of witnessing a story as it unfolds, that holds interest for the reader of or Tube Theatre.

Some are more different than others; most highlight the “sameness” of Westernization. A lack of links between passengers means that the reader must traverse the story linearly, thereby emphasizing the differences between passengers.


I think the cover is brilliant, its another part ry,an the whole thing that made me want to read it. This book was so grindingly obvious in all its techniques and the “shock ending” was telegraphed so far in advance a person in a 23 coma would have sussed it by page three if their loved geof had started reading it to them.

Each person is both the main character in their own life, and a supporting actor in the lives of 2253. The conceit is relatively clever, and some of the character descriptions are good–I enjoyed the pigeon, the fanfic writer, and the snuggler–but overall I don’t get any sense that these individual moments are leading up to anything. Actually, it would have cured the person in the deep coma, because they would This was tedious postmodern whatever who cares “experimental” crap of the worst sort.

Thomas at My Porch. There is a conclusion, The End of the Line, that is designed to shock. The I am a fan of trains and ryjan the tube. I rtman slightly obsessed about it to the point that TCO bought it me as a surprise. Despite each character’s “limited” appearance their stories are cleverly written and in turn funny, moving, thought provoking and inspired.

, by Geoff Ryman | The Online Books Page

I did have a moment though. This is adequate, mostly.

Is it the fiction of the geofff Not to mention, I can only remember one gay character, and he was depicted as non-consensually snogging his neighbour when he realized they were going to die.

253 or Tube Theatre; a Novel for the Internet About London Underground in Seven Cars and a Crash

Geoffrey Charles Ryman rgman is a writer of science fiction, fantasy and slipstream fiction. I can’t even begin to speak coherently about this book. The piece does indeed constitute one of the better specimens of early hypertextual fiction, insofar as its brings together an innovative form and an undeniable geofr of writing. Accessed on December 31, In London you cannot really avoid the underground, ok you can but you know what I mean, and getting on the underground means that you surround yourself with other people daily.


Each character is believable and entertaining or horrifying in their own way, and I liked how there are links between many of them, some without even knowing about it.

It just seemed to be this reoccurring motif that Ryman couldn’t help but perpetuate. I actually skipped it, as it seemed totally superfluous. The closest I came to that were the moments when people got off the train at the last minute or unexpectedly, and knowing those random choices saved their lives. Ryman establishes a complex network of interpersonal relations.

None of the above is rymzn to be a criticism; as an experiment, gyman one is, in my opinion, radically successful, as it never seems gimmicky, and is consistently fascinating.

July 29, at 4: I would probably read and enjoy a full story about many of these characters. The Hypermedia Art and Literature Directory offers a detailed review of works in art and literature which use various forms of hypermedia.

Just like he skipped my entire home state. I enjoyed reading this, I thought it was geoft and fun, and I would certainly recommend it.

FWIW, this book was originally released in a deeply inter-indexed online format. The dissertation is due On The Print Remix in Albeit in a simplified manner, given that each character has their own descriptive file, Ryman presents a sort of cross section of society: If I could give it negative stars I would, -3 stars to this.

So, when I saw it rymwn a local oxfam bookshop it was an impulsive “must buy” and an easy “must finally properly read”.

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