ALTERING GDG DEFINITION 5. DELETING GDG 6. IMPORTANT PRACTICAL QUESTIONS 1. INTRODUCTION Generation Data Groups or GDGs are a group. This facility is called Generation Data Groups (GDG). . There are two types of mainframe processes: Batch Processing Online Transaction Processing. JCL & VSAM: Hi all, I want to know the major difference between the dataset and GDG. reagrds akshatha.

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Usually, for testing purposes or for an incident fix, there might be a need to use different datasets other than the ones specified in the cataloged procedure. A typical sequence of events is to submit the jobs described in Steps to Enterprise Server and then review the results.

If the attributes and organizations of all generations in a group are identical, the generations can be retrieved together as a single data set. Outdated or obsolete generations can be automatically deleted by the operating system. The DSN value can be made up of sub-names each of 1 to 8 characters length, separated by periods and of total mainfra,e of 44 characters alphanumeric. Hence, the dataset is deleted when the job completes execution.

The relative name is a signed integer used to refer to the latest 0the maingrame to the latest -1and so forth, generation.

Concept Solutions Corporation: What are Generation Data Groups (GDG)

We have a team of individuals that understand the broad range of technologies being used in today’s environments. In that case, the dataset in the procedure can be overridden in the JCL. The following shows the catalog list from Enterprise Server. Software Agreement and Disclaimer. The SimoTime Home Page.


The following is a summary of the jobs or JCL members included in this suite of programs and a typical process of execution and review. If any of the GDG versions are set with an expiration date which is yet to expire, then those are not deleted and hence the GDG base is retained. An EMPTY parameter specifies that when the limit is reached the three 3 current files will be deleted and the process will start again with the new file.

IBM MAINFRAME: Diff between a GDG and a dataset

GV00 and so on. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or feedback please call or send an e-mail to: The program was tested using Micro Focus Net Express, version 5. Delete a Generation Data Maniframe. That is, each data set is historically related to the others in the group.

Nainframe suite of programs and documentation is available to download for review and evaluation purposes. This section includes links to documents with additional information that are beyond the scope and purpose of this document.

The remaining mainframs data sets will be retained. Please note that the dataset is referred as STEP1. GDG 0previous versions are referred as -1-2 and so on. Quite often, to reach larger markets or provide a higher level of service to existing customers it requires the newer Internet technologies to work in a complementary manner with existing corporate mainframe systems.

A generation data group GDG base is allocated in a catalog before the generation data sets are cataloged. Maiframe you create the files that attach to a GDG base you may want to create a model dataset that contains the DCB information for the files. A SimoTime License is required mainfgame the items to be made available on a local system or server. If the attributes and organizations of all generations in a group are identical, the generations or individual data sets may be retrieved together as a single data set.


Define a GDG Model. The input used by this suite of programs is generated within the programs. For new non-system-managed data sets, if you do not specify a volume and the data set is not opened, the system does not catalog the gsg set. SimoTime Technologies makes no warranty or representations about the suitability of the software, documentation or learning material for any purpose. Dgg preceding job should be used with caution. Preparing the application programs will require the transfer of source members that will be compiled and deployed on the target platform.

What is a GDG?

In a standardised JCL, the program to be executed and its related datasets are placed within a cataloged procedure, which is called in the JCL. A good place to start is The Maknframe Home Page for access to white papers, program examples and product information. This link requires an Internet Connection. The GV00 has been deleted. Generation data sets have sequentially ordered absolute and relative names that represent their age.

The SimoTime name or Logo may not be used in any advertising or publicity pertaining to the use of the software without the written permission of SimoTime Technologies.