Coming from Persia (now Iran), Mahmud Gawan brought with him fabrics, Ethiopian slaves, jewels and most importantly, Arabian horses. Imaduddin Mahmud Gawan (mehmUd gavAn) (ಮೆಹ್ಮೂದ್ ಗವಾನ್) belongs to that rare breed of administrators who rendered great service to the. Mahmud Gawan Madrasa is an old Islamic school (Madrasa), located in Bidar, Karnataka state of India. The school was built by Khwaza.

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Mahmud Gawan Madrasa – Wikipedia

Khwaja Mahmud Gilanifrom the village of Gawan in Persiawas well-versed in Islamic theologyPersian language and Mathematics and was a poet and a prose writer of repute. A storehouse of wisdom, Mahmud enjoyed the trust and confidence of rulers, locals as well as that of foreign kingdoms, who had great respect for Mahmud. This heritage structure is placed under the list of monuments of national importance.

Jyotsna Kamat hosts an amusing online exhibition of historical artifacts on education in India through the centuries History and Monuments of Bijapur.

Mahmud Gawan Madrasa

It occupied an area of feet bygawah was entered by a large gateway on the east in front of which it had two lofty towers about a hundred feet high. There were thrity-six rooms for students and six suites for the teaching staff.

This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain:. Retrieved from ” https: The journey took gawann to Bidar. Due to his perseverance, honesty, simplicity and learning he earned the goodwill of the Bahamani rulers and held important posts under three successive kings.

An imposing minaret is in three stages separated by cantilevered balconies and surmounted by a dome.


Mahmud Gawan

The author hopes readers will, for once, get off the beaten path and take the road less travelled, literally so in this case. Gawan was rich due to his international trade but spent his entire earnings on promotion of education. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yol Bolsun – May there be a road.

Some of the reforms brought in by him were detrimental to the interest of the Governors from Dakhan. This was a three storied building containing thirty six rooms meant for students. Buildings in Bidar s architecture of India Madrasas in Karnataka Mughal mosques Karnataka in the s Cultural heritage monuments in India by name Cultural heritage monuments in Karnataka Mosques in Bidar district Schools in Bidar district Destroyed mosques Monuments and memorials in Bidar s mosques.

I thank God that he gave me an opportunity to lay down my life in the cause of the dynasty.

Boarding and lodging were free. Location mahmdu Mahmud Gawan Madrasa in India. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. But most of them declined the offer due to age and arduous journey.

Regular commercial relations between Bidar and the countries of the Middle East were organized. Greatly impressed with his military genius, Sultan Humayun Shah had taken him in his service.

This page was last edited on 10 Mayat He lead a simple life.

A Deccan story: Mahmud Gawan

Further Reading and Links: The Madrasa religious seminary has been a striking building though long in a ruinous condition. He loved the company of scholars. Traces of exquisite colorful tiles are still visible on the walls of the building.

A great emphasis nahmud placed on decorative inscriptions, such as the lettering on the parapet done by expert calligraphers which is over 3′ high.


Most of the surface treatment is composed of colour produced by glazed tiles. Schemes in white, green mwhmud yellow showing floral patterns and arabesques.

There were administrative reforms introduced by Gawan, which brought in much resentment among Dakhani governors. Tech Science Reviews Search for: The building was of three storeys and was made beautiful with the use of lovely red titles. Complete view of Mahumad Gawan. Portions of the walls, especially in the front have also been covered with the same materials, and a broad frieze along the top of the gswan wall has been inscribed with sentences from Q’uran in coloured letters on a ground of green and gold.

Without verifying the facts, the king sent for Gawan, and asked about the punishment to fawan meted out for treason.

Rooms near the southeast minaret were used for gun-powder storage. An unassuming hero on the threshold of greatness The Modi economy and jobs: He had a personal library consisting of books.

Mahmud Gawan was familiar with renowned colleges at Samarkhand and Khorasan and his own college or Madrassah was modeled on the West Asian architecture. They obtained Gawan’s seal and affixed it on a blank paper and forged a letter inviting the king gawna Orissa to attack the Bahamani Kingdom.

It is recorded that free boarding, lodging and education to over students from the world over was provided at any given time.