Passageway Interior Size. Width 30″ ( m). Height 80″ ( m). Depth 23″ ( m). Overall Exterior Size. Width 35″ ( m). Height 87″ ( m). Depth 23″ . The PD i is the world’s highest performing walk-through metal detector and leads the industry with superior pinpoint technology and unmatched. Buy Garrett PDi Security Metal Detector. Best Price Guarantee. Includes 2 year warranty. Fast shipping. Authorized retailer. Since

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Garrett PD i Enhanced Pinpoint Walk-Through Metal Detector | Manufacturer

Advanced analog and digital filtering—as well as adjustable operating frequencies—eliminate the potential effects from x-ray units, radios and other electrical interference sources.

Easy operation Sound signalsLED diodes and clear LCD display make the device very comfortable to use and enable synchronization between observing passing people and controlling the device. Designed to provide comfort and maximum scanning efficiency without sacrificing full safety.

Two mounting rails are included in the set.

Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Easy assemblage Modular design enables easy gzrrett and mounting to the floor. Any attempt to access the controls made by an unauthorized person is automatically registered.

You need to accept the conditions. Construction Attractive scratch and mar-resistant laminate. Thirty-three 33 distinct zones are displayed with two 2 independent columns of LEDs located on exit side of PD i.

Garrett PD i – Professional walk through metal detector

The detection indicator shows the location of the dangerous object. The Garrett PD i professional p6d500i through metal detector not only has a modern and durable design, but it also meets the stringent equipment safety requirements for all US airports. Detection Heads and Support: Adjustable sensitivity The sensitivity of each zone can be adjusted independently, which makes the device independent from external conditions.


Provides ability to randomly alarm on a selected percentage of non-alarming persons; adjustable from 0 to 50 percent. Farrett panel of the professional walk through metal detector All cables, electronic components and controls are integrated with the device and can be easily accessed.

Four main modules are interconnected in a stable way. Notify me when available Add email.

Four grips are included in the set. Professional walk-through metal detector detects only dangerous objects Modern design of multi-directional coil system provides precise threat detection. Specification of the professional walk through metal detector Garrett PD i Power supply of the professional walk through metal detector automatic: You’ll get news about sales, great discounts, fresh offers and software updates in Detective Store.

Fully automatic to VAC, 50 or 60 Hertz, 45 watts; no garreth, switching or adjustments needed. Professional walk through metal detector – Garrett PD i As many as 33 detection zones! This product is not sold individually.

This site uses cookies. Transport trolley – allows for quick transporting of the the walk through metal detecor. It allows for control in real time, diagnostics and remote configuration. The sensitivity of each zone can be adjusted independently, which makes the device independent from external conditions. Automatic control The metal detector has an auto-calibration function and is able to automatically adjust its parameters. Transport trolley Transport trolley – allows for quick transporting of the the walk through metal detecor.


Durable holder for manual metal detectors from Garrett. Four directional tarrett settings forward, reverse, subtraction reverse and bi-directional.

Durable design of the professional metal detector Solid and durable design. Alarms Audible tone and volume adjustable.

Pr6500i walk through Garrett PD i is famous for not only its modern and reliable design but also for complying with rigorous safety norms applicable to all American airports. Built-in memory ensures for collecting the history of changes, number of walk-throughs for further analysis. Very sensitive detector is able to pinpoint pistols, knives, and other sharp or dangerous objects without being triggered by the presence of other harmless objects.

Network charger for Garrett metal detectors. But there is no value higher than human life! The American company Garrett was founded in by fiends oriented at creating equipment for metal detecting which would be very universal as far as clients’ expectations are concerned. Airport X-Ray machine – Autoclear Digital signal processing Provides uninterfered uniform pc6500i sensitivity and eliminates false signals.