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Exotic India you are great! Narada had also explained some of the glorious merits of hearing Garga-samhita and in particular of Lord Krsna’s great, great grandson named King Pratibahu, the son of Vajra.

Garga Samhita

Garga Muni, of course, reminded Nanda Maharaja that Kamsa was looking for the son of Devaki and said that if he performed the ceremony very gorgeously, the ceremony would come to the notice of Kamsa, who would then suspect that Krsna was the son of Devaki. The one who listens to Garga-samhita, without having any desire in his mind, achieves Goloka, surpassing both the demigods and the brahmanas. This story fulfills the desires of all and increases Krsna bhakti. I really like this website!

Verify the characters on the left From: He should be devoted to Lord Krsna and well-versed in the devotional xamhita. As always, I can count on Exotic India to sabskrit treasures not found in stores in my area.

And yet, in spite of all his endeavours, sanzkrit king did not receive a son and so he became quite morose.

The senior-most member of the six Gosvamis of Vrndanana, Srila Sanatana Gosvami, has included Sri Garga-samhita in his list of the most authorized books on the confidential science of pure devotional service. Women achieve all that is difficult to be achieved by them.


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Lord Siva resides underneath an eternal banyan tree on Mount Kailash.

Garga Samhita 30 – Krishnakosh

He was engaged by Vasudeva and Nanda Maharaja to perform the name-giving ceremony for Krsna and Balarama in a solitary place. My dear Gargi, everything is under the control of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Thank you so much. All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia. Subscribe for Newsletters and Discounts.

Garga Muni was a great saintly sage who had undergone many austerities and penances and been appointed priest of the Yadu dynasty. Later on, Narada Muni narrated the pastimes of Lord Krsna to Garga Muni, whereby he attained the platform of realized transcendental knowledge. The Garga Samhita was never mentioned by Srila Prabhupada in his books, although there is one mention of it by his disciple, Gopiparanadhana Dasa: The sage then spoke to the king for his welfare.

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Garga Samhita 30

Pages from the book. May Lord Balarama, who holds a plow, always protect me in battle. May Lord Balarama, who is the enemy of Balvala, always protect me from greed. May Lord Balarama, who is greater than the greatest, always protect me in the evening.

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Max Muller Hardcover Edition: Viewed times since 11th Sep, Thereafter, whatever the sage, Sandilya, had received as remuneration for his recitation of the Garga Samhita, he distributed to the brahmanas of Mathura.

The king then informed the sage, “What can I say about the sins I have earned in my previous births? Regarding the Merit of Garga-samhita In the following section, we have included “The Merit of Garga-samhita,” taken from Sammohana-tantra mentioned earlier.

Garga Samhita – Wikipedia

Weight of the Book: The speaker, Sandilya, received smhita, a chariot, horses, riches, cows, elephants and gems. And I will also let everyone that I know, at every opportunity, how great your business and service has been sajskrit me.

I highly recommend others to use this site. Upon birth of the son, the king gave away in charity cows, land, gold, clothing, elephants and horse. Everything was in order and the book, well packaged. Each and every book arrived in perfect shape–thanks to the extreme care you all took in double-boxing them and using very strong boxes.

Krsna the Butter Thief Contents Preface. Aniruddha comes to know from Narada that Balvala has carried off the horse to his island state called Panchajana, and will not release it without fighting.

The son was named Subahu. I really like this website!

The Glories of Prabhasa-tirtha, the sarasvati River, Bodhapippala, and the place where the Gomati River meets the ocean. Mysticism in the Upanisads.