Za intenzivno gajenje hibrida kukuruza neophodno je, pored komponenti prinosa i drugih agronomski važnih osobina biljke, za objektivnu ocenu njihovih. Ministri Evropske unije odobrili su gajenje kontroverznog genetski modifikovanog novog roda kukuruza, TC američke kompanije DuPont Pioneer. S druge strane, domaće životinje troše tokom uzgoja velike količine semena kukuruza, što sa obzirom na ograničen zemljišni fond obično znači učestalo gajenje.

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Cultivar interaction with environmental factors location, year, soil type, cultural operations used, etc. Agronomy Journal, 85, gajenjs Journal of Hill Research 9 1 In the first year, the linear regression coefficient was significantly lower in HY07, whereas no significant differences from the mean value were observed in the other hybrids.


Herbologia, Sarajevo1, br. Namely, cultivars that have regression coefficients greater than kukuruzza would be more adapted to favourable growing conditions, those with regression coefficients less than unity would be adapted to unfavourable environmental conditions, and those with regression coefficients equal to unity would have an average adaptation to all environments. Weed Science44, str.

At all locations, the lowest value was found in HY01 Table 3. A genotype is considered stable if its performances are relatively constant across environments.

Given the relatively narrow geographic area, the locations selected for the study are representative of the major types of soils used for maize production in this region. The rationale and approach. Swedish Journal of Agricultural Research The stability parameters indicate that this hybrid exhibits a specific response to the particular agroenvironmental conditions i. Crop Science, 28, Where Do We Stand?


Field Crops Research49 The association found by Ordas et al. Regression coefficients for grain yield did not significantly differ from the mean except in one case.


Photosyinthetica29, str. Weed Technol5: The regression coefficient of HY05 was closest to the mean. Eberhart and Russell proposed an assessment of cultivar response to environmental changes using a linear regression coefficient and variances of regression gajdnje.

Selekcija i semenarstvo, 4, Calculations of production of wheat, corn and soybean on farms involved in education program inhave shown that corn has the highest gross margin 92, This abstract may be abridged.

Mehurasta gar — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

A correct and on time application of grooving technology, such as sowing data, plant density, crop rotation, fertilization, can reduce negative effect of unfavorable climate conditions on maize. Genetika, 45 2 The test hybrids and locations showed significant differences in grain yield, grain moisture content at gaejnje, 1,kernel weight and ear kukuruaa.

Acta herbologicavol. S di R weight weight 0. The model proposed by Eberhart and Russell interprets the variance of deviations from regression as a measure of cultivar stability and the linear regression coefficient bi as a measure of cultivar adaptability. The experiments were laid out in a randomised block design with four replications.

Poljoprivredni fakultet, Magistarska teza. Using this criterion, Flores et al. Setve je obavljena u provoj polovini aprila u obe godne na svim lokalitetima. The significantly different gajenjee of bi in HY02 in the first year suggests greater-than-average stability of this hybrid as compared to the other hybrids tested.


Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Mehurasta gar

gajebje The values of the standard error of the mean of the regression coefficients suggest identical heterogeneity of bi in both years. Due to their more favourable stability parameter values, medium-early hybrids can be recommended for low-intensity cultural practices and stressful environments.

The regression coefficient for grain yield for all hybrids except HY02 in was not significantly different from the mean, indicating adaptability of the test hybrids to the environment.

A number of stability analyses using GEI have been proposed to identify genotypes exhibiting good performance or high yields under different environmental conditions. Medium-late hybrids had higher yields and showed a better response to favourable environmental conditions compared to early-maturing hybrids.

However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. Genotypes with high mean yields and specific adaptability to unfavourable environments are very rare Scapin et al. Crop Science31, str. Results and discussion The analysis of variance revealed significant differences in grain yield, grain moisture content at harvest, 1,kernel weight and ear length between hybrids belonging to different maturity groups and between locations Table 1.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Given their higher yields and better response to favourable environmental conditions compared to the early-maturing hybrids, medium-late hybrids can be recommended for intensive cultural practices and low-stress environments. Agronomy Journal ,