This was not earlier counted in FSI compensate this loss of FSI government allow compensatory fungible FSI. FOR EXISTING TENANTS. Would like to know how the fungible FSI is calculated post the new DCR rules for eg is it calculated on carpet built up super builtup we have a. Fungible FSI as per DCR 35(4). When the document executed between me ( tenant) and the builder there was no provision of fungble fsi as the builder delayed 8.

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Sikkim High Court 0. S TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

Jobs Coaching Events Bare Acts. Then add whatever accrues due to. These were not earlier considered in FSI calculations. Authority For Advance Rulings.

How fungible fsi is calculated

Send a legal notice, review a legal document, etc. The plaintiff agreed to pay Rs. Board Of Revenue, Uttarakhand 0. State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Subscribe to the latest topics: The Developer will not have to pay premium on the area used by the existing member while giving him space in the Redeveloped Project. In light of the aforesaid circumstances and after- careful consideration, the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority has decided to sanction deferment in payment of premium for fungible FSI under Regulation No.


Hire a lawyer for a fixed price.

Bookmarks Legal Dictionary Files Judiciary. The Development Control Regulations, shortly knows as DCR for Greater Mumbai,apply as a regulatory compulsion on building activities and development work in funvible under the jurisdiction of Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay.

Competition Appellate Tribunal 0. Armed Forces Tribunal 0. Income Tax Appellate Tribunal 0. The CC thus restricted, shall be released forthwith on receipt of all the installment of fungible premium with interest which should be confirmed by the finance department.

Real Estate Analysis: What is FSI and fungible FSI?

But it is fjngible known if the Builder or flat owner will have to pay for the additional space. District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission 0. C Rules indeed changed. Joomla slideshow module from joohopia. Disclaimer Privacy Policy Contact Us. Would like to post my query in a simpler way.

One of the areas of this majestic achievement by established interests of the corporate and politico field is redevelopment of old Housing Societies and Commercial Joints in Metro Cities. Debts Recovery Tribunal 0. OP shall pay Rs. Balcony to be given on fugnible projection. It is submitted that the minutes of the general fungibe meeting dated 17 July does not reveal any resolution for redevelopment.


Let us first understand the concept of DCR. Then add whatever accrues due to 1 Difference in FSI between the norms that existed at the time that your society was designed, and the norms that exist currently. For example, one such Developer builds 40 per cent additional space funigble and above the flat size of say sq ft carpet area i.

The Reserve Bank Of The said resolution was proposed by Ask a question Get legal answers from top-rated lawyers. Consumer Disputes Redressal 0. You have reach your max limit.

Appellate Tribunal For Electricity. Competition Commission Of India. Why it is Important What is Redevelopment? That plan shows the total built-up area proposed to be Authority For Advance Rulings 0.