Model TA(K)43 and TA(K)55 require an external equalized expansion valve. Dimensional Data. Model Pricing. Thin Profile Air Defrost. Bohn. Friga-Bohn @ Kooltech. Friga-Bohn TA7R-8P Friga Bohn Dual Discharge EVAP. £2, $3, ,48 € £2, $3, ,74 € (ex. Useful links · Careers · General Catalogue. Evaporators & Heat-Exchangers LGL- France, FRIGA-BOHN General Catalogue. banner-banner1. Mailing list for.

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E1K E1U Light electric defrost: Certifications Advantages Installation Installation of the unit up against a catalogje allows maximum filling of the cold room. More about the use of cookies can be found at Terms of use. BP1 Additional LP pressure switch. Only the acoustic pressure spectrum and Lw value, are contractually binding. Air throw 2 m 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 30 Num.

Recommended with frequent start sequences more than 30 start sequences per hour.


E1K E1U Light electric defrost. CO2 R optimization please contact us for details. ARM Switching enclosure contact us. EIS Insulated drain pan. Standard commercial unit cooler designed for medium cold and freezing rooms – single discharge. Maintenance Easy access to the coil rendering maintenance easier. IPH option 10 mm thick insulation to help reduce the sheeting vibration and provide thermal insulation of the unit to limit the effect of condensation.


Casing RAL Special colours. VPA Air pressure shell also allowing the connection of a textile duct. Insulation 80 mm floor not insulated positive mm insulated floor negative. ARM Switching enclosure with main isolator switch compressor and condenser protection. Find unit by model.

Heatcraft proposes qualified instructors with in-depth knowledge and extensive technical experience acquired in the field. MXW – Axial fan condenser 2. L 6,35 mm SD Various ventilation solutions offered allowing significantly reduce noise level as low as 19 dB A at 10m per module.


External-rotor, axial fans require no specific maintenance. Contact us for the selection. This type of fin is particularly suitable for the storage of packed products.

Regulator pack BP1 LP pressure switch automatic reset. VID Total-draining special circuits. To be indicated when ordering if the condenser unit is to be delivered unwired.

Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3 1-year warranty parts and labour excluding refrigerant 2-year warranty parts and labour excluding refrigerant 3-year warranty parts and labour excluding refrigerant To validate this pack, we propose a support contract during commissioning of our equipment. The height-adjustable feet favour homogenous distribution of air over the products 1. Ideal for use is an urban environment: Included in a refrigeration system, they may be exited by motors, compressors, diesel engines, vehicles or others and suffer from vibration.

The electrical enclosure has double swing doors for easy access during all interventions. Reactivity, expertise and rigor The right solutions for you are our main concern Pre-purchasetraining Original spare parts Equipment commissioning support OverhaulorrepairAuditand technicaladvice Periodic inspection ofequipm ent Equipment efficiency contract www.


Compact unit cooler used in refrigeration cabinets and small cold rooms of medium and low temperatures. BAE Vinyl protection of fins. For the size TB, the front and rear panels of the compressor compartment are made of sheet steel, pre-painted in black RAL Foresee a crane for handling units over 6m.

RPC Control of condensation pressure. Optimized coil for glycol water applications GT2I-W Autonomous operation of several circuits allowing proper regulation. EEC Fully equipped unit cooler: MAXI – Condensing unit. All models are equipped with a speed controller to guarantee optimum control of the condensation pressure. R 4,23 mm MUC BAE Protection of fins.

Heatcraftreservesitselftherighttomakechangesatanytimewithoutpreliminarynotice-Photosnon-contractual Compressor rack Other configurations Specially adapted to suit dimensional, acoustic and energy efficiency constraints. XR – Commercial ceiling unit cooler. Wybrze e Gdy skie 6a Warszawa Polska Fax: Motor wired to terminal block as standard. EEK Drain pan electric defrost. Energy efficiency Low noise level.

VPS Blower deflector vanes please contact us for details. Pressure control with 1 LP pressure switch per compressor and 1 control HP pressure switch per condenser fan. The liquid line comprises as standard a dryer filter, a hygroscopic indicator and an operating valve.