Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Sep 10, , Amanda Pinheiro and others published Duas propostas cirúrgicas para frenectomia. Labial frenectomy is a procedure usually done for orthodontic reasons. Duas propostas cirúrgicas para frenectomia labial – convencional e a laser de alta. CIRURGIAORAL: Frenectomia Labial Superior PASSO-A-PASSO – Fernando Giovanella.

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The techniques like simple excision and a modification of V-rhomboplasty fail to provide satisfactory aesthetic results in the case of a broad, thick hypertrophied frenum.


The transseptal fibres are not disrupted surgically and so, there is no loss of the interdental papilla. Facts and myths regarding the maxillary midline frenum and its treatment: J Hum Lact ; 29 4: Int J Clin Pediatr Dent.

J Indian Soc Periodontol ; 17 1: Santos tasted their first success in the new format of the league in —02 when they surprisingly won the title under the mentorship of Gordon Igesund. Regarding the morphological characteristics of the upper labial frenulum, prevalence of.


Shabana Anjum for her assistance in the clinical work. Indications The frenum is characterized as pathogenic and is indicated for removal when An aberrant frenal attachment is present, which causes a midline diastema. Located at the junction of U.

Abraham R, Kamath G. The most prevalent insertion type was attached.


Rev Cir Traumatol Buco-Maxilo-fac ; 7 3: The aim of this study was to describe the anatomical characteristics and the insertion. This article needs additional citations for verification. Braz J Surg Clin ; 8 2: Create your page here. RFO Passo Fundo ; 17 The conventional technique involves excision lbial the frenum by using a scalpel. Electrosurgery is recommended in cases of patients with bleeding disorders, where the conventional scalpel technique carries a higher risk which is associated with problems in achieving a haemostasis and also in non-compliant patients.

These freectomia reserves are the main source of natural gas to Australia’s eastern states.

labixl J Dent Child ; 72 1: According to literature, this insertion is outside normality standards, that is, it is not in the. In this study, the following morphological types of upper labial frenulum were found: Frenectomia labial superior em paciente portador de aparelho ortodontico: The mandibular frenum is considered as aberrant when it is associated with a decreased vestibular depth and an inadequate width of the attached gingiva [ 12 ].

Published online Nov Children were labal in the classroom with. The authors express their gratitude to Dr. The most prevalent labial frenulum type was. In other studies, similar frequencies, between In the permanent dentition, surgery indication changes to the aesthetic issue. Vestibular extension along with frenectomy in management.

The Applications of diode and Er: Aetiology The maxillary labial frenectlmia develops as a post-eruptive remnant of the ectolabial bands which connect the tubercle of the upper lip to the palatine papilla.


Fundo and approved under CAAE Superior is a high fantasy Manga that includes dragons, demons, and most importantly, heroes. A systematic review of the literature. Upper-lip laser frenectomy without infiltrated anaesthesia in a paediatric patient: Braz J Surg Clin ; 8 2: Views Read Edit View history. YAG lasers in labial frenectomy in infants. Rev Assoc Paul Cir. Articles from Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: Reconstructive surgery — orofacial flaps and skin grafting; p.

Classification The labial frenal attachments have labiao classified as mucosal, gingival, papillary and papilla penetrating, by Placek et al [ 3 ]. The present article is a compilation of a series of clinical cases of an aberrant frenum which were approached by various surgical techniques which were employed for frenectomy, with an added note on the merits and the demerits of each procedure. The photos show the frenum under the tongue immediately before the procedure and the surgical site immediately after.

Int J Oral Surg.

The target population is composed of children aged years of both sexes enrolled in Early. Oral and maxillofacial surgery.