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The system works like this: We can use an ordinary magnet or set of magnets at each end of the straight core to cause a strong magnetic field to flow through the core of our coil. This, of course, does not sound like startling stuff, but the crunch is that this motor ran in his workshop for uuk than three years, keeping it’s battery fully charged during that time – now that is startling.

My suggestion is to correct your calculation formulas in dependence of Don Smith nomogram.

Free energy

Once again, conventional science says that this is impossible, which in turn, demonstrates that conventional science is out of date and needs to be expanded to include these observed facts.

Here is a picture of Ron Pugh’s high-quality construction of a Bedini pulse charger: This effect is not restricted to centuries ago. After a long period of searching and investigating I was beginning to gather enough information to be fairly confident of what was being done, what had already been achieved, and some of the possible background reasons for the effects which were being observed.

It is even possible that ifno would not be allowed to go to China, buy one and bring it back with you for use at home. K I have and will let you know soon. When that power supplied to the electromagnets is cut off, the Back EMF pulse is captured and used to charge the driving battery. How hard can that be? The energy does not come from the battery.


PJKbook : Patrick Kelly : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

And this forum is like all the others. It seems likely that vested financial interests are the root cause of this refusal to accept the facts. One way is to use an Ecklin-Brown style of electrical generator, where the shaft rotation does not move magnets past coils, but instead, moves a magnetic screen which alternatively blocks and restores a magnetic path through the generating coils.

Originally Posted by Peculian Hi all from me too. This is defined as the amount of power coming out of a system, divided by the amount of power that the operator has to put into that system to make it work.

Constructing High Quality Coils. The amount of power which can be collected can be very high and the few kilowatts needed to power a household is most definitely within the reach of most of the devices mentioned.

Frse is updates once energu twice a week. They found that if his tube was subjected to a few seconds of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, then it became radioactive for about one hour. That extra 12 kilowatts of power must be a considerable embarrassment for conventional science and so they will either ignore it, or deny that it ever existed, in spite of the fact that it was demonstrated at a public seminar.

Find all posts by Raphael The HydroStar and HydroGen. The Electrolyser of Archie Blue. If you were making a profit of literally millions per hour, would you welcome the introduction of a system which would eventually cut your income to zero? Ferrofluid differs in that Fe particles are used instead of NdFeB crystal units. It is probably worth while, at this point, to explain the basics of Zero-Point Energy.

That did not mean that the people who lived before us were any less clever than we are. Using it on a fridge or fridge-freezer is very informative as the cumulative reading shows the actual amount of current draw over a day, and at night, with the lower temperatures and nearly zero opening of the door, the current draw is very much lower than the peak current draw.


The Ribero Buoyancy Patent. Suppose you were to cover a boat with lots of solar pikbook which were used to charge a large bank of batteries inside the boat. I – 16 He then aims a powerful jet of water from a high-powered water pump, directly at the paddles, driving the wheel round with a rapid series of pulses.

They test-loaded the generator with four kilowatts of electrical equipment to confirm that it worked well under load, and then moved on to a larger engine. Now there is a design I would try to replicate unlike what Donald Smith is offering. I am only presenting my own understanding of his device, as even Don implied, It is not Free Energy it comes from understanding resonance.

This is how I work when I design something, just approximates and intuitions.

I will buy it, so will the billions standing in line and the billions still to be born. I – 25 Conclusion: Oz Member Is Offline Mood: A factor of 10 in a calculation makes a major difference.

Science thinks so, and insists that this is the end of the story, and nothing else is possible. The Joseph Cater Self-powered Generator. I apologise if this presentation seems very elementary, but the intention is to make each description as simple as possible so that everybody can infoo it, including people whose native language is not English.

– Free Energy

In the same way, a steam engine does not run on water. Charles Seiler charging circuits. The Howard Johnson magnet motor.