In Silent Shift, we focus on the smaller, less publicized events. In this edition of Silent Shift, we focus on Fredric Wertham, a villain to Comic fans. Among comic book aficionados, Dr. Fredric Wertham is often considered to be as slimy and evil as any creature ever to appear in the horror comics he criticized. Fredric Wertham is notoriously known as the child psychiatrist who led an almost puritannical witch-hunt against the comic book industry. His essays.

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He believed that, if it was truly a sinful act, angels would stop him from completing the act. He became a stereotype; that of an old man, yelling at the progress of man, wondering why the world seemed cold and scary now.

Fredric Wertham – Wikipedia

From Life Magazine, October 1,Dr. Wertham died November 18, He seemed blissfully unaware of the actual questionable content, namely the fact that the superheroine was frequently subject of bondage Using the unique emblem Fish put on the letter, police were able to trace the Gray Man back to a tenant building that Fish was staying in. Forms Stretched to their Limitsp. In the spring ofthat infamous tome was published, clocking in at pages plus a page section of illustrations. Many of his other conjectures, particularly about hidden sexual themes e.

A Bill Maher Tale. Tilley claimed that Wertham “played fast and loose with the data he gathered on comics”.

Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture

Then Wertham himself wrote a scathing anti-comics article in the Saturday Review of Literature. He never found a publisher willing to take the plunge, though. The splash made by this book and Wertham’s previous credentials as an expert witness led to his appearing before the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Ffedric led by anti-crime crusader Estes Kefauver.


Wertham did speak out against comic books and it would not be hyperbole to say that his efforts nearly resulted in the death of the entire United States comic book industry. He wrote an article about the detrimental effects of segregation that was used in the landmark Brown v. Please be prepared to pay extra for rapid shipping. In case you are lucky enough to wertbam be familiar with the work of Fredric Wertham, he was a New York City psychiatrist who worked frrdric juvenile delinquents and soon became an expert in the field.

It was the end for a number of fredricc, especially EC Comics, who only carried on with the humorous Mad magazine but lost all their other titles.

Captain America and Secret Empire. Using the clout he had gained through his years of being an expert witness werrtham Bellevue, Wertham took his findings to the Senate, where he argued that the government must take action against the comic industry. Much to Wertham’s frustration, no publishers were interested in publishing it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In the course of that work I came across crime comic books. Fish finally saw an end to his reign of terror inat the age of Murder of insidious and serial nature began to appear in the populace, such as the murder castle of H. With the help of a stalling landlord, police were able to apprehend Fish.

Various publishers were forced to close down and numerous comics writers and artists were severely hindered in their creativity. Of all the criminals Wertham interviewed, one specifically stands out among the rest, for his violence and cruelty; Albert Fish. Some publications were able to persevere in their own way; Warren Publishing was able to skirt the rules by turning their publication into a magazine, able to publish what they pleased without the Code holding them back.


Wertham continued to work as a psychiatrist, his focus moving back to children after his time at Bellevue.

He didn’t actually support much of the censorship which his writings evoked. You see, most juvenile delinquents read comic books and thus, said delinquency must have a connection, right? Retrieved from ” https: His theories parallelled a rise of more violent comic books.

Fredric Wertham

Soon moral panic broke out. The battles began early and began hard.

Wertham at his Gramercy Park office. Over-farming on the prairies of the interior states brought upon the great Dust Bowl.

Even though Wertham only strove for a ratings system he unwillingly opened the gates for fanatic censorship, fredriv and book burnings. According to Wertham, news vendors were told by the distributors that if they did not sell the objectionable comic books, they would not be allowed to sell any of the other publications being distributed.

Further, inall his research became public. Though by talking with a lot of juvenile criminals who all read the most horrific comics titles the industry had to offer, Wertham took the wrong conclusions. He was a moral knight, believing himself the harbinger of decency. Still infamous to most fredriv fans of the time, Wertham encountered suspicion and heckling at the convention, and stopped writing about comics thereafter.